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Contribute Quick Start Guide


info View in Contribute: Select Help > Quick Start Guide


This guide is intended for beginning Contribute users and also includes a limited amount of information for beginning Contribute administrators.


The Quick Start Guide shows new users how to install Contribute, connect to a website, and complete some of the most common tasks quickly. Instructions for tasks are condensed, making this an ideal quick reference card to print and keep handy. For more detailed instructions, you can refer to Using and Administering Contribute.

Deploying Contribute and Contribute Publishing Server



This guide is intended for anyone responsible for deploying Contribute within an organization, especially system administrators. This guide also includes information for deploying Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) to manage users. Use this guide to deploy Contribute on its own or with CPS.


This guide provides a checklist and detailed information about the tasks you need to perform to deploy Contribute, and optionally Contribute Publishing Server (CPS), within an organization.

In this guide, you can learn to do the following:

  • Set network and server permissions to work with Contribute
  • Understand Contribute site structure
  • Configure Contribute to work with your website
  • Install CPS using the Simple installation or the WAR file installation
  • Integrate the User Directory service with your organization's LDAP or Active Directory service
  • Enable Contribute and CPS to work together
  • Send website connection information to users

Using and Administering Contribute


infoView in Contribute: Select Help > Macromedia Contribute Help


This guide is intended for administrators who deploy and configure Contribute for users, and for users who edit and maintain website content with Contribute.


This guide contains comprehensive, task-based information on all the features of Contribute. Administrators learn how to deploy, configure, and tailor Contribute to meet their specific environment and user needs. Users learn everything they need to know about the Contribute browse-edit-publish workflow to edit and maintain their website.

This guide teaches administrators to do the following:

  • Create Contribute website connections and send connection keys to users
  • Configure administrative settings for websites
  • Create user roles and tailor permissions for specific user groups

This guide teaches users to do the following:

  • Connect to a website and find and edit a page
  • Create new pages, save pages, send drafts for review, and publish pages
  • Insert and edit links, images, tables, and other web page content