Director Release Notes

Director MX 2004 Release Notes


Welcome to the Director MX 2004 Release Notes. This document contains known issues and late-breaking information about Director MX 2004 that is not found in the documentation. Please visit the Director Support Center for the latest TechNotes and troubleshooting information about Director, printable documentation, and more.

New Features

  • DVD-Video Support
  • JavaScript Syntax Scripting
  • New Projector Publishing Panel
  • Cross Platform Projectors
  • Customize-able Window properties (including masks)
  • Windows Media Audio and Video (Windows only)
  • Stage and MIAW docking in the Authoring environment
  • Macromedia Flash Player 7 Support
  • Sprite and Channel Naming
  • Flash Asset Performance Improvements
  • Improved Lingo Syntax
  • Launch and Edit of Macromedia Flash MX 2004 content
  • Real Media support on OSX
  • Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 Integration
  • Improved XML parsing

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Director MX 2004 Update, version 10.1

Installing the update:

If you already have Director MX 2004 installed, you do not need to uninstall prior to running the updated Installer. This update installs on top of Director MX 2004. Ensure that you have closed Director before running the 10.1 installer. You must be logged in as an administrator in order to run the installer.

Note: Reinstalling Director by overwriting your old version will not affect Activation or e-licensing.

Updated Installers will be available for all languages of Director MX 2004.

Major Changes/Updates:

The default Shockwave Install will be reduced to approximately 2.5MB by including a limited set of core Xtras. Xtras will be automatically downloaded as needed. A full installer will be made available for developers who need their users to download the complete player and all Xtras. Click here for details available via a Tech Note.

Shockwave Install has been optimized to reduce the number of dialogs presented during the install.

Xtras used by a movie are now automatically marked for download when the movie is saved.

Director MX 2004 Trial version will display "Director MX 2004" at the bottom of the stage and will "watermark" all movies and projectors saved by the Trial version. Movies and projectors saved after activating the Trial to a full version will no longer have the watermark.

Windows version now has OS9 publishing capability in the publish settings dialog, which completes the cross platform publishing functionality.

Defaults for Publish Dialog: "Save as Defaults" button allows users to set defaults settings for subsequent movies. To restore the factory default publish settings, hold the option key (Mac) or alt key(Win) while pressing "Defaults" button.

Issues Addressed:

To get a list of all bugs that were fixed since the English Release of Director MX 2004 click here.

Crashes Addressed:

173563 Refreshing page containing 3D content on nonEnglish XP, SP1, with the MS patch 828741 installed will crash IE

171524 Thread problem in the DVDeventNotification is causing a crash

178144 Crash due to global flash callback holding a reference to a lingo script object

178280 Accessing _system.enviromentPropList while Director is quitting causes a fatal error

177443 Publishing a movie with a wide bitmap causes a crash

168836 open/close stage window with movie containing QT and various other media can cause a crash (OSX)

168565 "Exit Preview" in Display template with movie containing QT sprite and 3D sprite can crash

171132 Crash when hitting "publish" twice (in Publish Settings) without closing the dialog

179115 Certain movies will crash when create a cross- platform projector

178254 Crash when encountering invalid items such as undefined variables for window names, installMenu fields etc.

167975 Projector will crash when sound xtras aren't present, and SWA sound is attempted

Functional Bugs Addressed:


177946 XP SP 2 will throw a security warning when Director installer is download and launched outside of MM's firewall

154764 Row Width Setting of a DMX movie will get lost in DMX2

174885 diskejected message on DVDeventnotification isn't being seen recognized

174702 non-visible scrollable fields show a ghost of their scrollbar

173633 Using Web Xtra will case the backdrop to cover the stage

174121 stage image size is being incorrectly captured

169985 tray icon mouse events not recognized after displaying a system tray tooltip

171617 another leak in the XML parser

174047 using importFileInto to import a 32 bit image, it is remapped to the stage depth, removing alpha-information on 16 bit desktops 


169401 SWFs with web services don't work in Director

169153 Captions in RoboDemo or Turbo Demo movies (Flash 6 .swf) are showing a white border around the caption

174738 Flash sprites blink

167584 Setting a value on an Indexed Flash array where the value = VOID converts value to 0

166909 Calling a function on a FlashObject and passing <void> as a paramter recasts <void> as a 0

178232 updateStage in getURL handler triggers flash event a second time


172881 tool MIAWs have a Windows taskbar entry if their titlebar is not visible

176947 installMenu fails with error if called in the scope of a MIAW while the stage's titlebar is not visible 


177748 gotonetMovie disables streamStatus notifications

170195 Support custom mimetypes so you can use webservices from lingo/javascript 


177914 Custom icons don't work completely for projectors set to full-screen mode

176558 Closing a projector with the close [x] button will interrupt frame scripts

170396 Win Projector's bottom gets clipped

179116 Cross platform projectors with external castfiles don't work

168352 projector will not play WMP files if the user is logged in as a restricted user

177505 Exit Lock is not functioning correctly with Windows projector created from MAC

178158 the systemDate is falsely reported in classic mac projectors (and SW)

176154 Shockwave projectors cannot use installed Shockwave 3d Asset xtra 

Shockwave Issues:

171282 Shockwave full installer progress bar remains at 1%

177779 Windows Shockwave downloaded xtras should go in users folder

176892 Shockwave projectors should put downloaded xtras in the "user-writable" folder

Updates to Help and Documentation:

There have been some updates made to the help documentation, with focus on DVD as well as to incorporate some of the feedback from the LiveDocs.

Updated Help and Documentation is only available in English, and is available on the CD-ROM or in the download file. All customers can obtain the updated .PDF documentation here

Known issues


Macintosh OS X: users who have multiple ethernet ports may be asked to re-activate when upgrading to 10.1.

Macintosh only: The Online Registration command (Help menu) is sometimes disabled after Activation. Click here to register at

Macintosh only: When installing Director MX 2004, some system preferences (sound, color theme and scroll arrow settings) may be due to issues in the Installer Vise software. (Note: This bug has been reported to MindVision.)

Macintosh OS X: The installed Help may have performance problems on lower-end systems using OS X 10.2.x. An alternate, browser-based Help system is available for download. For more information, please see the Technote on the Director Support Center.

Most Behaviors do not accept the new method of naming sprites; they accept only sprite numbers, not names.


Export does not work with DVD members.

The DVD castmember can be instructed to play() even when the movie is not playing.

The SelectButtonRelative() method does not work.

Macintosh only: DVD playback is supported only on OS X 10.3.x and later.

Macintosh only: When playback of the DVD begins, a black flash appears in the destination window.

Macintosh only: DVD playback cannot be clipped. Sometimes, the playback rectangle is drawn outside the Stage and DVD Editor views (for example, when docking the DVD Editor above any other view).


Comments in JS scripts use the regular syntax coloring rather than the expected comment color (green or red).

JavaScript syntax will be color coded even if it is not correctly case sensitive in JavaScript.

Pressing the Tab key when text is selected erases the selected text while running in JavaScript mode, instead of auto-indenting the text.

Comment coloring is temporarily disabled after navigating from a JavaScript syntax script to a Lingo script. (Double-click the auto coloring button or navigate to another Lingo script to refresh the comment coloring.)


Cross-domain access via policy files does not work and will cause the Flash Asset to issue a never-ending stream of HTTP requests.

A Flash sprite will block mouseDown events from getting to sprites below it, even if the Flash sprite has no behavior on it.

Flash Animations can be broken in projectors with Animate in Background set to false when the projector loses focus. This problem is more likely occur when using dynamic Flash methods that create and populate MovieClips on the fly.

Custom Window properties

Windows only: Previewing window properties is not possible in the Windows authoring environment. Therefore, the Preview button does not appear in the display template tab of the Property inspector in Windows.

Macintosh OS X only (authoring/projector): Setting a drag mask makes the titlebar of a MIAW invisible.

Macintosh OS X only: Due to lack of exclusive locks, it is possible to open a movie as a MIAW and as the main movie in authoring. This usage is not supported and can result in lost data.


Stuffit Expander issue: Stuffit Expander 7.0.3 and 8.0.2 may crash when decompressing Macintosh OS X projectors created on Windows (the projector will still be created and be functional). To avoid this problem, follow these instructions at or use another decompression tool like HQXing.

OS X 3 (Panther)

When saving a Director movie, .dir is not appended by default.

Text and Field scroll bars may show some misalignment when the text or field is too small.

When the Cast Window is in List view, castmember names cannot be copied directly from the list.

OS X 2 (Jaguar)

Switching to the Finder during publishing may result in projectors with the wrong icon.

When importing PICT files less than 32 bit, the bit depth is not recognized by Director. This is an issue in OS X 10.2 and has been fixed in OS X 10.3.

Director may crash when exporting a QuickTime file after exporting and saving an externally linked sound file.

Start Page

When windows are opened via the menu or keyboard shortcuts, the Start Page does not close automatically.

Flash Components

Images in cast member thumbnails are not scaled to the exact thumbnail size; some clipping occurs.

Windows Media

Windows Media sprites will always be Direct to Stage.

Windows XP and Windows 98: If the correct decoders are not present, Windows Media sprites can take a relatively long time to start playing on some systems running DirectX 8. WMV files need to be encoded to play for the appropriate DX version. (WM9 files need WMFSDK 9.0 installed.)

Export does not work with Windows Media members.

There is no Macintosh OS X implementation of the Windows Media Asset.

Reporting a bug to the Macromedia Director team

Found a bug? Your first step should be to contact Director Technical Support. They can help you resolve issues and they can also log bugs. If you are no longer eligible for support, please use the Macromedia Software Feature Request and Bug Report form.

Note: Due to the high volume of e-mail we receive, we are unable to respond to every request.

Thank you for using Macromedia Director MX 2004, and for taking the time to send us your feedback.

Notices, Terms, Conditions, and Attribution

Copyright © 1984-2004 Macromedia, Inc. All rights reserved. Macromedia, the Macromedia logo, Director and Shockwave are trademarks or registered trademarks of Macromedia, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. Other marks are the properties of their respective owners. Protected by one or more of U.S.Patent Nos. 6,128,712, 5,940,080, 5,808,610, 5,592,602; and patents pending.


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