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Flex 2 SDK and Flex Charting 2 Release Notes (2.0.1 Update)

This page contains 2.0.1 update release notes for:

Note: Users new to Flex should also read the Flex 2 SDK and Flex Charting 2 Release Notes (base release).

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Flex 2 SDK 2.0.1 update

This discussion includes the following sections:

For instructions on installing Flex 2 SDK, see the Flex 2 Installation Instructions.

What's new in the 2.0.1 update

The following lists major changes in the 2.0.1 update:

  • ASDoc Tool - A command-line tool you use to create HTML documentation from ActionScript and MXML files. The HTML output looks very similar to the Flex 2 Language Reference.
  • Runtime CSS - Lets you compile your CSS files into SWF files. You can then dynamically add and remove those style sheets at run time.
  • FlashType encoding - When you embed fonts, you can now use FlashType hinting to provide those fonts with additional information about the font. Embedded fonts that use the FlashType hinting information are typically clearer and appear sharper at smaller font sizes.
  • Large application support (Modules) - Modules are SWF files that can be loaded and unloaded by an application. They cannot be run independently of an application, but any number of applications can share the modules. Modules let you split your application into several pieces.
  • Compiler changes

    • The -file-specs option has been removed from the command-line compilers. It specified the target MXML file to compile. Now, the target file is the default argument, so you don't need to specify -file-specs. The target file must be the last argument in the list.
    • The lazy-init option has been removed from the command-line compilers.
    • The mxmlc compiler has the following new options:

      • - fonts.flash-type=true|false - Sets the default value that determines whether embedded fonts use the FlashType rendering engine. Setting the value of the flashType property in a style sheet overrides this value. The default value is true.
      • - license product_name license_key - Defines the license key to use when compiling. Valid values for product_name include fds, charting, and flexbuilder.
      • - keep-all-type-selectors=true|false - Instructs the compiler to keep a style sheet’s type selector in a SWF file, even if that type (the class) is not used in the application. This is useful when you have a modular application that loads other applications. For example, the loading SWF file might define a type selector for a type used in the loaded (or, target) SWF file. If you set this option to true when compiling the loading SWF file, then the target SWF file will have access to that type selector when it is loaded. If you set this option to false, the compiler will not include that type selector in the loading SWF file at compile time. As a result, the styles will not be available to the target SWF file.
      • - raw-metadata XML_string - Defines the metadata for the resulting SWF file. The value of this option overrides any metadata.* compiler options (such as contributor, creator, date, and description).
      • - use-resource-bundle-metadata=true|false - Enables resource bundles. Set to true to instruct the compiler to process the contents of the [ResourceBundle] metadata tag. The default value is true.
    • The compc command-line compiler now accepts the include-libraries option. This lets compc link all classes inside a SWC file to the resulting component SWC file, regardless of whether or not they are used.

The 2.0.1 update also includes fixes and minor additions to APIs, as follows:

  • New link Event metadata was added to Text and Label. Flash Player sends a link event whenever a hyperlink is clicked and the href starts with "event:". This is a bubbling event. Note that Labels must have selectable="true" for link events to be generated.
  • Added the BackgroundDisabledColor property to all appropriate classes.
  • The TextArea control now has a selectable property.
  • Slider controls now has an invertThumbDirection property, which flips the direction of the SliderThumb.
  • The DefaultDataDescriptor.addChildAt() method now creates the child field on the parent if it previously did not exist, and then add the new child item to the parent at the index specified.
  • Setting the RadioButtonGroup.selection property to null now unselects the currently selected radio button.
  • Changed the name of the IFocusManagerComponent.drawFocus method's parameter to isFocused.
  • Added two new inheriting text styles, 'letterSpacing' and 'kerning'. These set the similarly named properties of TextFormat instances that affect TextFields. They are defined on the global selector and declared in the "style bucket":

    • letterSpacing is a Number that specifies how many additional pixels are inserted between each character, beyond the normal character spacing. The default is 0. Positive values widen the spacing and negative ones narrow it.
    • kerning is a Boolean that specifies whether kerning is enabled or disabled. Only embedded FlashType fonts can be kerned.
  • Added a tickValues property to the Slider control. This property allow the ticks to be positioned at any values. It allows more control over the appearance of the slider. Elements of tickValues are between the minimum and maximum values and correspond to the placement of a tick at a certain value.

Compatibility issues

The Flex SDK 2.0.1 update is a minor upgrade from Flex 2 and you may notice the following changes when compiling a Flex 2 application in the updated version:

  • WebServices - Inputs with properties corresponding to XML Schema elements with maxOccurs set to greater than "1" (or "unbounded") must provide such properties as an Array of values. In Flex 2 they should have been Arrays (even if one entry was desired), however, the framework was lenient in certain circumstances that are no longer possible due to fixes made for MXML based inputs.
  • Binding - The Binding tag's source and destination attributes must now obey strict rules. For example, if the destination is of type, Foo, and the source is of type, Object, the source's type must be explicitly converted using type conversion or the 'as' operator. This change makes the Binding tag consistent with inline data binding expressions.
  • DataGrid - Default sort was changed to be A to Z (ascending), in the base Flex 2 release the default sort order was Z to A (descending).
  • Embedded Fonts - When embedding fonts, FlashType is now enabled by default. This should result in sharper rendering of your embedded fonts.
  • Charting - the Charting components now use the Verdana font by default. In previous versions of Flex the Arial font was used
  • Components - errorColor style of UIComponent will now be applied to both the border of the component and the focus halo color. In the previous release the errorColor style of UIComponent only affected the focus halo color.
  • Effects - For all the classes that extend Effect, the function prototype for initInstance(), createInstance(), and end() has been changed.
  • MenuBar - menuBarItems and menus are now read-only properties, they were writable in the previous release.
  • MenuBarItem has been refactored to implement the new IMenuBarItemRenderer interface which adds support for icons in the top level MenuBar items. The dataProvider property in MenuBarItem has been deprecated.
  • Tooltip - Return type of createToolTip has been changed to IToolTip.
  • If you include the -services option when running the mxmlc compiler, you must also specify the context root using the -context-root option.
  • Hierarchical data controls (Tree, Menu, MenuBar) bound to XMLLists and ArrayLists now support the toggling of the showRoot property.
  • In the 2.0.1 update, FlashType is enabled by default for embedded fonts. Due to this, a small number of applications that use embedded fonts will have a problem in which text does not size correctly. Book Antiqua and Calibri are two examples of fonts that may render differently in Flex 2.0.1 than Flex 2 when embedded. Workarounds include: either turn off FlashType, or add 1-2 pixels to the measured result, as the following example shows:
      override protected function updateDisplayList(unscaledWidth:Number,
           unscaledHeight:Number):void {
       super.updateDisplayList( unscaledWidth, unscaledHeight );
       _text.text =;
       _text.maxWidth = unscaledWidth - (20);
       _text.setActualSize( _text.getExplicitOrMeasuredWidth() + 1, 
            _text.getExplicitOrMeasuredHeight() );
       _text.x = (unscaledWidth / 2) - (_text.width / 2 );
       _text.y = (unscaledHeight / 2) - (_text.height / 2);
  • Import statements - You now need to import a class before using it in ActionScript. For example, the following worked in Flex 2:
        private function doTest():void{

    This will now cause the following error:
     Error: Access of undefined property"hello");

    In the 2.0.1 update, the script must import either mx.controls.Alert or mx.controls.*.  For example:

        import   mx.controls.Alert;
        private function doTest():void{>

Known issues

Tab Navigator

  • The textAlign style does not work for TabNavigator. You can work around the problem using the tabStyleName.


  • You may find issues related to deleting nodes at an index equal to the current vertical scroll position. For example, deleting the last node of a Tree if it contains enough children to display a scrollbar, causes problems with Flash Player.


  • Kerning only works if embedding a Flash font.
  • The preloader will not display a background image that has been embedded by using @Embed. Only images that are loaded at run time are supported.
  • Using a relative path to set source of an Image, SWFLoader or Video doesn't show the resource.
  • Playing a video with no source attached generates a Runtime Exception.
  • Font embedding does not work if the containing class is in a different application domain. This also applies to loading modules, new in the 2.0.1 update.
  • (fdb on Macintosh OS X with Safari only) - When an application throws a runtime exception (RTE) and you terminate a debug session, fdb does not release the debug session when the browser window is closed. To fix the problem, completely close your browser with Command-Q. 
  • Modules - Module ignores percentages for width/height, always sizing to content. Workaround is to add percentWidth="100" percentHeight="100" example: <mx:Module xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" backgroundColor="#ff00ff" percentWidth="100" percentHeight="100">
  • Interfaces shared by sibling sub-applicationss should be moved into the main loading application. The workaround for this issue is to add the following two lines to a script block in the main application:
    import mx.managers.IDragManager; 
    private var iDragManager:IDragManager; 
  • Line endings in fdb use DOS carriage return/line feeds. To run fdb on Macintosh OS X, you must convert to UNIX-style the line endings. To do this, use the dos2unix utility, as the following example shows:
    dos2unix -o fdb

    Alternatively, you can use the following command and regular expression:

    cat fdb | tr -d '\r' > fdb
  • The TextArea control uses UNIX-style line endings, which means that text data containing Windows-style carriage-return line-feed (that is, \r\n) formatting for new lines contain extra line breaks. You can use String.replace() with a regular expression to convert the text to UNIX-style line endings, as the following example shows:
    private static const windowsCRLF:RegExp = /\r\n/gm;
    myTextString = myTextString.replace(windowsCRLF, "\n");
  • Linux-only: fdb can't launch the standalone Flash Player
    If you run fdb, the command-line debugger, on Linux, it returns "File not found: gflashplayer." This is because the standalone Flash player executable was renamed from gflashplayer to flashplayer. Workarounds include the following:

    • Link gflashplayer to flashplayer, for example with "ln gflashplayer flashplayer". That way it exists with both names.
    • In fdb, type "run" with no filename, and then manually launch the Flash player and open the SWF.
    • Install Firefox if it is not already installed, make sure "firefox" is on your path, create an HTML file that wraps your SWF (for example, "foo.html"), and launch with "fdb foo.html" (or "fdb" and then "run foo.html"). When you launch with an HTML file instead of a SWF file, fdb looks for Firefox on the path

(Macintosh-only) Stand-alone Flash Player - The stand-alone Flash Player that ships in the sdk_root/player/debug folder is English-only. A fully localized version is available from the Adobe Flash Player Support Center. This is especially important for developers who wish to publish projectors on the Macintosh

ASDoc tool

  • ASDoc Tool does not work on Linux.
  • Blank lines appear on the console when running ASDoc.
  • @includeExample is not supported.
  • Incorrect document generated when a class or property has [Bindable] metadata.
  • The ASDoc tool script does not work when the directory path has spaces in it. For example, C:\> flex 2/sdk/bin/asdoc fails, but if you change directories into flex 2, c:\flex 2> sdk/bin/asdoc succeeds.

Fixed bugs since Flex 2

The following list contains SDK bugs that are fixed in the 2.0.1 update:


  • 180939 RTE when deleting (dynamically added) selected pane from accordian
  • 177994 Removing the last child of an accordion causes an exception


  • 177700 If you update a CheckBox editor with user interaction and programmatically, it doesn't render correctly
  • 178608 If you tab to a NumericStepper itemEditor and tab out, the value is not committed.
  • 192034 Editable DateField in DataGrid does not allow choosing through DateChooser.
  • 192122 ComboBox as itemEditor does not work anymore


  • 185872 Custom sort compare function for XMLListCollection does not receive the 3rd argument (fields)
  • 190752 removing an item from a datagrid with itemRenderer after sorting throws RTE
  • 188844 Exception upon removing all items from a bound collection


  • 177074 Data field deeply embedded in MXML component cannot be bound to data.
  • 176711 A private function returning an object is not firing changevent when the object properties have changed
  • 181912 Two-way binding problem where binding fails on first try
  • 178879 If you return a value of type Class to a bounded variable, it does not work
  • 187235 When using compc you get an Error: Overriding a function that is not marked for override.
  • 189966 Binding fails to update when two bindings reference a static variable of the same name, but from different classes.


  • 176562  DataGrid textSelectedColor and textRollOverColor is not applied.
  • 191543 Using a filter on a DataGrid dataProvider causes you to only be able to drag down and not up
  • 174766 Uncaught ItemPendingError when changes made to a list scrolled to the bottom
  • 174771 Replace grid data while editing a selection - editor pops up to the title bar of the same column
  • 182800 Be able to style the header borders
  • 175123 If you have a data collection set up with paging and use that collection as the dataProvider for a DataGrid, pushing the End key sometimes results in an uncaught ItemPendingError.
  • 176651 NPE when moving from one editable cell in a grid to a new row
  • 171568 RTE in DataGrid if you make a change to the last or 2nd to last record which causes it to be removed
  • 175123 ItemPendingError is not caught when you push the End key
  • 178751 The reason property of DataGridEvent does not return the correct value when you click on other cells in the DataGrid
  • 177936 Using an embedded font with size over 14 causes problems
  • 175381 DataGrid default sort should be A to Z (ascending), not Z to A (descending)
  • 176661 ItemPendingError when moving from one editable cell to another.
  • 189104 The wrong editor of DataGrid is activated when clicking the top border of column
  • 189728 The last row gets the incorrect narrower width for DataGrid
  • 189105 The method drawLinesAndColumnBackground of dataGrid gets runtime error
  • 189793 display is messed up when after a DataGrid scrolls with headerHeight set to 0
  • 179710 DataGridBase needs to implement makeListData() and use it to create its DataGridListData objects
  • 189106 The wrong size of editor and wrong reflection of editor for DataGrid
  • 190587 Resizing the width of DataGrid narrower gets RTE
  • 190004 DataGrid with large number of columns and scrolling misses a couple of columns on the right
  • 189446 The last row of DataGrid disappears when shrinking the cell width
  • 191931 DataGrid with vScroll bar incorrect display during editing the cell by focusing out of the browser
  • 192039 DataGrid in Module generates RTE when click rows.

Drag and Drop

  • 191119  Filtered ArrayCollection conflicts with Drag&Drop capabilities on List based components
  • 183680 Incorrect drag manager behavior when using embedded image as a drag proxy
  • 182126 If variableRowHeight="true" for a dragEnabled DataGrid, the dropIndicator does not adjust to the new heights of row.
  • 187098 The default offset of the dragImage is too large for DataGrid
  • 184069 The dragEnter event does not get triggered on a PopUp unless your mouse is over one of its children
  • 178806 Conflict with PopUpManager and DragDrop operations


  • 171928 Effects specified on the root tag are not executed
  • 191999 - Effects defined in the main Application do not get triggered from events on custom MXML components

Focus Manager

  • 188848 - Objects lacking a tabIndex appear first in tab order
  • 188854 - Tabindex value for dynamically added control not honored


  • 181964 Canvas does not respect the bottom and right properties of a child when the child is at its minimum size.
  • 177192 Setting horizontalGap on a GridRow that has no parent causes RTE
  • 178090 defaultButton's click handler doesn't get executed if its container is nested in ViewStack
  • 170631 defaultButton property of containers and ENTER behaviors for buttons


  • 182416 removing items dynamically in a List with scroll bars can cause an RTE
  • 179267 Make BaseListData.label bindable
  • 175993 List - setting the selectItem is not dispatching the valueCommit event
  • 175054 Removing an item from the dataprovider, shows wrong selectedIndex, even though it is bound Component:
  • 179173 take rootedness into account when passing collections to hierarchical List controls
  • List controls not handling ItemPendingErrors properly
  • 172081 A List (in an MXML component) does not update when its ListCollectionView has changed until you scroll.
  • 189110 ListBase.dragStartHandler should be protected
  • 171020 BaseListData has a rowIndex but no columnIndex so a renderer doesn't know its position in TileBase   

Menu, MenuBar

  • 185304 dynamically enabling/disabling menubar items has no effect
  • 178979 When you have a MenuBar item with three or more submenus, you get a RTE when re-opening a menu item that closed
  • 173714 Menu component possess lower speed
  • 182711 Be able to customize MenuBarItems. MenuBar has added a new property, menuBarItemRenderer, which specifies the item renderer used by the MenuBar control.
  • 178577 MenuBarItemRenderer now supports icons
  • 17882 All Popped-up content (including Menus and ComboBoxes) has harder-to-read, aliased text
  • 173237 MenuBar - Bump up all the metadata for styles settable on a Menu to the MenuBar class   
  • 189181 MenuBar itemRollOut event is not working correctly on the MenuBarItems
  • 189165 The change, itemRollOver and itemRollout events should not trigger for a separator
  • 191863 Menu UI broken when menu changed during MENU_SHOW event
  • 192206 using key to select a menu after opening and closing it causes an RTE

MXML Compiler and compc

  • 180599 mixins: should run the -includes class without any hard dependencies to it
  • 176288 Error on using a non-resourceBundle subclass not reported on compile
  • 178814 Uncaught exception in compiler
  • 170249 No compile warning or error for mismatched objects in binding
  • 178547 Naming Conflict of MXML root component despite absolute paths
  • 180535 Allow users to add AS3 metadata to their SWFs.
  • 183876 can't have non-relative output path when using configuration files
  • 178745 Compiling an AS class that is in a package and using an absolute path to the class
  • 177327 Missing library in a project dependency throws NPE
  • 174788 Incremental compiling shows error after updating a resource bundle properties file
  • 183876 Can't have non-relative output path when using configuration files
  • 187796 -keep-as3-metadata is not repeatable  
  • 188657 Error when a css file is in a path specified for compc include-sources option
  • 187101 Components that are included in SWCs using -library-path are missing their <component> info 
  • 187742 [webtier] When production-mode=true, loading CRM sample app results in an NPE
  • 190356 Compiler does not throw source-path overlap warning even when source path is a valid package name
  • 187387 Mxmlc not working on Mac/Linux with spaces in path

MXML Components

  • 191877 SWC: mxml component with databinding cannot be initialized (RTE)


  • 187017 RoundedBottomCorners="false" not getting set when Control Bar is present for a panel.  
  • 18313 Runtime error when using Panel as itemRenderer  


  • 190008 Changing the dataProvider of a PopUpMenuButton doesn't work right; then click throws RTE
  • 190006 labelFunction is not working for PopUpMenuButton


  • 176124 Japanese character become really small when using PrintJob.
  • 165140 When printAsBitmap is false, embedded images don't get printed.

Sample Applications

  • 188705 Accessibility issues in Dashboard Sample
  • 188706 Accesssibility issues in Photoviewer Sample
  • 188798 [FlexStore] Behavior to change the stylesheet at runtime needs to be added
  • 189778 Memory Leak in Photo Viewer Sample
  • 188707 Accessibility issues in Restaurant Finder Sample
  • 192008 RTE is thrown when tab key is pressed after clicking on the pie chart


  • 178790 Slider thumbs gets overlaps only when the maximum value is set 13 but not at 15 [the allowThumbOverlap is set to false]
  • 178565 Need style on Slider controls to flip direction of the SliderThumb


  • 182472 eventhandler for button is called twice on changing state
  • 178374 Removing children from a navigator then switching states causes RTE


  • 191128 RTE when using "Page down" key when item in second column of tile list is selected
  • 178704 TileList drag/drop indicator displays incorrectly for a TileList direction of horizontal (the default)
  • 178770 dragging multiple items in TileList creates drag image with items superimposed on top of each other
  • 188541 RTE when TileList is selected using left arrow key.
  • 189445 for the tile "ddd" duplicates are forming even though dragMoveEnabled is true.
  • 190608 RTE when drag&drop for TileList
  • 186083 TileBase does not use makeListData() to make its ListData objects   


  • 191167  right-arrow on an already open, empty branch will cause an index out of range RTE
  • 176058 Player hangs when dragging from the bottom-most position of a tree with a scroll bar to another tree.
  • 176029 Dragging the last folder out of a tree, then back in, removes the folder and makes all of its leaves into roots.
  • 174618 Tree cannot handle dynamic population of empty nodes
  • 180741 selection broken if new item(s) added at selectedIndex
  • 182055 selection is cleared when scrollbar disappears
  • 182139 RTE expanding/collapsing nodes of Tree if selected node is scrolled out of view
  • 175849 Calling getChildren() on a tree's data descriptor resets the tree's selectedIndex to -1.
  • 176556 Runtime exception when calling expandChildrenOf()
  • 176462 tree control: NO valueCommit event is dispatched when collapsing an Ancestor of the Selected node
  • 187154 setting selectedIndex not working
  • 183671 certain methods in DefaultDataDescriptor catch the wrong type of error
  • 176754 Setting allowMultipleSelection won't allow multiple selection
  • 187249 Tree's background doesn't refresh when disabled/re-enabled.
  • 181675 Dragging, then dropping while scrolling is occurring, drops in the wrong place.
  • 190079 Redraw issues when remove all children of an opened node
  • 190066 Tree does not render all data opened
  • 190694 RTE when drag multiple nodes into an empty Tree
  • 178380 Need access to dropData in Tree subclasses 188749 Tree animation and display issues
  • 175670 Shift click, then drag/drop, of leaves and one or more branches removes all hierarchies.
  • 190186 Can't use a different item renderer for the tree
  • 175667 Positions of items after a multiple select/drag/drop depends on the order in which they were clicked.   

Web Services

  • 183862 - Flex generates the incorrect SOAP request when using the node has only one item in the array
  • 183858 - Flex generates incorrect SOAP request for DotNet webservice
  • 184631 - Web Service Results - Multi Ref

Component Misc.

  • 179234 RTE when adding Label to a container with no parent
  • 185546 Unable to deselect the programmatically selected date
  • 182492 MMMM formatString not working correctly for DateField ASDoc
  • 185805 the text in the Alert component should be selectable to copy and paste
  • 176499 setting the selectedItem=null causes issues
  • 182210 Can't use styleSheet and htmlText properties together in TextArea
  • 176050 Popup Default Button: TextInput enter event is NOT dispatched BEFORE the default button click event.
  • 174859 style does not work when component is generated at runtime
  • 175001 Inner Panel Size Bug
  • 175966 using embedded font on title of titlewindow or panel causes panel to have unnecessary vertical scrollbar Component.
  • 181877 When the scaleContent=false and the width/height of the loader is made smaller than image, it remains cut.
  • 178571 Setting RadioButtonGroup.selection to null has no effect
  • 174116 letter spacing wanted as a CSS globally settable style for fonts
  • 178781 When you open a ComboBox near the bottom of the screen, it conveniently realizes this and opens upward instead of downward off screen
  • 180514 When open duration is set to 0, the ComboBox makes the application partially irresponsive under certain conditions.
  • 187569 If you are dragging a PopUp, objects underneath the PopUp sometimes get mouseEvents.
  • 188708 CurrencyFormatter returns a wrong number when the input number is between -1 and 0. 
  • 187992 Grid View - When a GridRow is made invisible and includeInLayout is set to false, the Grid is not resized.
  • 186028 UITextField allows mouse selection of text when selectable=false.
  • 185041 Tooltip - The DataTips of a list or DataProvider are getting placed elsewhere when loaded.


  • 185732 RTE calling clearStyle('fontFamily').
  • 182950 when required="false" numeric validator is not validating the field.
  • 179916 defaultButton not reset when changing to container with no defaultButton
  • 179176 Defining a Array Collection with a blank/null object doesn't display it properly
  • 176652 Large white area flickers during animation in FlexStore
  • 184009 mx\skins\halo\ - width and height used instead of w and h
  • 177669 includeInLayout does not work correctly in PopUps.
  • 178304 RTE that currentFrame > 1 during loading of Flex swf referenced from pdf
  • 177662 Minor doc change for IFocusManagerComponent
  • 176460 RTE when using Tab button to switch focus in Accordion explorer sample Focus Manager
  • 189094 UIComponent bug in setFocus causes runtime error
  • 189995 SystemManager pulls in all the manager implementations and lots of other classes like UIComponent on frame 1
  • 187218 Printing an application refering to it as "this" causes the application to get scaled up.
  • 190499 Nested repeater: recycleChildren=false causes "echo" of repeat
  • 189102 ViewStack RTE
  • 185742 VideoDisplay throws uncatchable async error when loading any video from Google
  • 190114 Radio buttons unregistered on view state change 188675 Can't apply Flash text stylesheet to TextArea
  • 190590 RTE when typing in a ComboBox's text input
  • 87597 If you dynamically change a style's font family to a list of fonts with spaces between the comma separators of each font, and the first font listed is not on the system, subsequent fonts in the list will be tried.  Previously, the spaces prevented this from working.

Flex Charting 2 (2.0.1 update)

This discussion includes the following sections:

For instructions on installing Flex Charting 2, see the Flex 2 Installation Instructions.

Fixed bugs

The following charting bugs are fixed in the 2.0.1 update:

  • 185307 Using Zoom effect on PieChart with PieSeries labelPosition="inside" causes NPE.
  • 177066 Stacked ColumnSeries with interpolate data effect
  • 170890 all piecharts RTE with error Parameter antiAliasType must no non-null
  • 178972 Charts should not be using Arial font. Japanese and double-byte text does not show up in the Chart Axis
  • 176019 itemMouseUp: not firing event
  • 187095 Charts: LogAxis with Stacked ColumnSet only shows one series.
  • 188429 If there is a missing data, the stacked column will not show up at all
  • 189665 Pie chart is incorrectly shown when data contains zero value elements

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