HomeSite Release Notes

Welcome to HomeSite 5.5

Installation notice if you are upgrading from HomeSite 5 or HomeSite 5.2

  • Choose the Update option in the InstallShield Wizard to upgrade your HomeSite 5 or HomeSite 5.2 installation to HomeSite 5.5. If you have HomeSite 5 installed, you do not need to upgrade to HomeSite 5.2 and then to HomeSite 5.5.

System Requirements

  • 300 MHz Intel Pentium II processor
  • Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 40 MB available disk space

Complete product system requirements and recommendations available at

Installing and Uninstalling

If you install HomeSite 5.5 over your existing HomeSite 5 installation, uninstalling HomeSite 5.5 will remove files from your HomeSite 5 installation. If you choose to have HomeSite 5 installed, you have to reinstall HomeSite 5.

Installation Wizard Known Issue: After uninstalling, the InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog may appear, indicating that installation has completed instead of uninstallation. [29633]

Installation log

If you have installation problems, the HomeSite55.log file which is installed in the WinNT or Windows (depending on your operating system) root directory, can be a valuable source of information for troubleshooting the installation routine. You can attach it to email sent to our support staff.

What's New in HomeSite 5.5

  • Macro Recorder functionality. The Macro Recorder feature will store commands based on user keystrokes, mouse clicks, toolbutton and menu option selections and allow for saving and playback of commands. Please see Macro Recorder help file for details.
  • Snippet Enhancements in HomeSite 5.5 including integration with Dreamweaver MX snippets. Please see Snippets help file for details.
  • ColdFusion MX 6.1 CFML Tag Support. The new CFML MX 6.1 tags and functions are supported in Tag Chooser, Tag Insight, tag editors, and Expression Builder. F1 Help and embedded Help for the new tags and functions are available.
  • TopStyle Lite 3.1 is the style editor installed with HomeSite+ 5.5.

Fixed Issues in HomeSite 5.5

  • Selecting the Esc key during an Extended Find/Replace cancels the operation [47712].
  • Fixed problems with organizing the Resource Tabs using the "Organize" dialog [49124].
  • Tag Insight has been updated to display a list of available tags when a namespace is entered [48461].
  • Added a drop-down control to the HREF field on the anchor <a> tag dialog that remembers previously used URLs. The VTML FileBrowser control now has a "CACHED" attribute to enable this feature [48623].
  • The protocol field in the XHTML <a> tag editor is no longer ignored [49495].
  • Fixed "List index out of bounds (-1)" error when attempting to open several files at the same time in the File-Open dialog [50036].
  • .SWF files no longer crash an Extended find operation [51129].
  • Fixed the XHTML Meta tag editor to output "content" as an attribute [52396].
  • Auto completion no longer inserts multiple completion strings for triggers entered by fast typists [53178].
  • Support variables in snippets [26890].
  • Snippet shortcuts can now be added in the Snippet Resource Window [49571].
  • Snippets can be copied or moved via drag and drop between folders [8276].
  • Selected code in editor can be made into a snippet via the context menu or drop to a specific folder [28139].
  • Snippet folders can have subfolders [3066].

Integration with Other Macromedia products

Macromedia Dreamweaver

If Dreamweaver is detected on your system, you can click the Open in Macromedia Dreamweaver toolbutton on the Editor toolbar to edit the current document in Dreamweaver.

Macromedia Fireworks

If Fireworks is detected on your system, you can now launch it directly by right-clicking on an <img> tag, a graphics file in the Files list, or the Thumbnail view of a file, and then selecting the Edit in Macromedia Fireworks command. This lets you quickly access image source files for editing.

Launching Fireworks from an image file other than a PNG prompts you to find the PNG file associated with that image. Selecting Yes opens the File Open dialog, selecting No opens the current file in Fireworks. You can set file open options in the source file dialog box.

Known Issues

  • It is not possible in HomeSite to set the charset to the UTF-8 code page and therefore, UTF-8 saved files with double byte characters are not displayed correctly in the Edit tab [47134].
  • If you serve dynamic web pages on Unix/Linux/Mac OS X server platforms that have been saved in HomeSite as UTF-8, the Byte Order Mark will be displayed on the rendered page [53857].
  • On Windows Server 2003:

    • Anytime a source control operation is performed an access violation error in OleAut32.dll will occur. Due to technical limitations, this issue cannot be fixed in HomeSite [50990].
    • HomeSite is not in the list of associated programs by default (Windows Explorer-Tools-File Options-Change). Choose Windows Explorer-Tools-File Options-Change-Other and select the HomeSite executable [51158].
    • Double clicking on a folder on a networked mapped drive in the Files tabs will cause the tree focus to "jump" to the root node containing the folder [53246].
  • When macro recording a find operation do not edit the document until you've closed the Find dialog [53078].
  • Commands that are recorded after a Search-Replace All command during macro record are not played back during macro play [51503].
  • When macro recording, Tag Completion and Tag Insight are turned off until recording is stopped [51505].
  • When playing back a macro that recorded an auto completion operation the cursor is always left at the end of the inserted trigger string. Work around this using the arrow keys.
  • If you want all HTML tag dialogs to use single quotes by default, do a search for

    < CONTROL TYPE="CheckBox" NAME="checkSingleQuotes" WIDTH=150 LFWIDTH=180 ANCHOR="checkQuotes" CORNER="NE" RIGHT=15 CAPTION="Single quotes on attributes"/>

    in the ...\HomeSite 5\Extenstions\TagDefs\HTML folder and replace with:

    <CONTROL TYPE="CheckBox" NAME="checkSingleQuotes" WIDTH=150 LFWIDTH=180 ANCHOR="checkQuotes" CORNER="NE" RIGHT=15 CAPTION="Single quotes on attributes" CHECKED/>

  • If you want all XHTML tag dialogs to use single quotes by default, in file change:

    < CONTROL TYPE="CheckBox" NAME="checkSingleQuotes" WIDTH=150 LFWIDTH=180 ANCHOR="lblGlueIconsBottom" CORNER="SW" RIGHT=8 CAPTION="Single quotes on attributes"/>


    < CONTROL TYPE="CheckBox" NAME="checkSingleQuotes" WIDTH=150 LFWIDTH=180 ANCHOR="lblGlueIconsBottom" CORNER="SW" RIGHT=8 CAPTION="Single quotes on attributes"/ CHECKED>

  • You might see an Access violation in module 'NAVSHEXT.DLL' if you switch to Netscape as your internal browser, browse and then change the internal browser back to Internet Explorer and selecting the Apply button in the Settings dialog box. Simply OK the message - it will not affect the functionality of the product.
  • Resource Windows may incorrectly float if made visible and their previous dock site has moved. To avoid any problems, right mouse click and select one of the "Move To" options from the menu [48965].
  • If you are using Netscape 6 or 7 for internal or external browsing, you will see a button at the bottom of most help files called View Comments on LiveDocs. This button should not be displayed and is inactive; however, due to a Netscape bug, commented code in the help files is being executed and you can see this button. Please don't use this button.
  • If you install HomeSite 5.5 before installing Dreamweaver MX, and if you want to edit documents that are open in HomeSite 5.5 in Dreamweaver MX, select the Options > Settings > Dreamweaver/UltraDev > Enable Dreamweaver/UltraDev integration option. [45661]
  • Setting XHTML as the document type when the DOCTYPE statement isn't on the first line may delete code. The workaround is to select Options|Set current document as XHTML and then to select "No replacement" in the dialog that appears. [30176]
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict Validation: If there is a single embedded " character preceding an end tag, closing outer tag checking will be incomplete and produce additional errors. Workaround: Close any existing double quoted strings between tags or use the preferred XHTML entity &quot; construct instead.
  • On Windows 98/ME, drag and drop between the Desktop or Explorer to in-product remote servers or from in-product servers to the Desktop or Explorer does not work, although the cursor indicates that the operation will work.
  • File size rounding errors exist with remote files. Files appear to change size by 1K due to rounding down of the number of bytes as opposed to rounding up as with Window Explorer. No data is missing in these cases.
  • On Windows XP, if you delete a remote folder from the left pane of Explorer, the folder will continue to be displayed in the folder tree even though it has been removed. Closing and reopening the Explorer will fix the problem.
  • On Windows XP, double clicking a remote folder may not show the contents of the folder. A manual refresh (F5) will display the files in the right pane of Explorer.
  • If you try to open a folder that contains a shortcut (.lnk file) which refers to a non-existing folder, HomeSite will crash on NT. [29697]
  • Embedded Help text in the HTML/XHTML tag editors may not display clearly. Use F1 Help instead. [29370]
  • If a document contains an XML declaration on the first line, using the Options > Set Document to XHTML command overwrites that declaration text. If you use the Set the document as XHTML command, you can then edit the declaration text as needed or insert additional XML declaration text. [29314]
  • The Configure FTP Server timeout setting is not functional. You can enter a timeout value but only the default setting is in effect.
  • The Files 2 tab will not consume resources on Windows 95/98/Me if it is not visible when the application launches. To hide the tab, disable the View > Resource Windows > Files 2 option. Restarting the application will regain resources used by the window. [27164]

Documentation Notes

  • To see syntax and usage information for all supported languages, open the Tag Chooser (Ctrl+E), select a tag, and click the Help button.