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Creating Flash 5 button templates for Dreamweaver 4 using the Generator Text object

You can use Dreamweaver 4 to insert Flash button objects directly into your document. You can add text to these buttons, select various fonts for the text, change the text's color and size, add links, and so on. Dreamweaver 4 comes with quite a few different button styles, but you can also create your own in Flash, export them as Generator templates, and use them in Dreamweaver. To create buttons with text that can be customized in Dreamweaver, you must use the new Generator InsertText authoring extension.

Once you've installed the InsertText authoring extension on your system, an Insert Text object appears in the Generator Objects panel. This Generator Text object lets you set text parameters like font style, color, size, and alignment with specific variables. These variables are then assigned to corresponding fields in the Dreamweaver Insert Flash button dialog box; these fields let you change font attributes, and create links and apply them to the Flash button object from within Dreamweaver.

This article assists you with performing the following tasks:

Installing the necessary Generator Text object files to your system
Using the Insert Text Object with Flash to set text parameters for a button or movie clip symbol
Exporting the button movie you create in Flash as a Generator template, or SWT file, that you can use and share in Dreamweaver 4
Using the Insert Flash Button object feature in Dreamweaver 4 to insert the custom button style in your document
Creating a SWF movie file in Dreamweaver from the SWT file to use as a sample

Getting started
Using the Generator Text object
Using button templates with Dreamweaver

Valerie Hanscom

Valerie Hanscom is a Technical Writer on the Macromedia Dream Products Team.

21 June 2001

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