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Understanding basic HTML

Although Macromedia Dreamweaver allows you to create and edit Web pages visually without worrying about the HTML source code, there can be times when it can be useful to understand basic HTML. Understanding basic HTML tags and how they are used will provide you with more control to modify and troubleshoot your Web page.

For example, suppose you select text on your document and apply a new font, but it only affects half the sentence. By looking at the HTML code in Dreamweaver Code view (or Code inspector), you discover that the closing </font> tag is in the middle of the sentence; all you have to do is move </font> to the end of your sentence and the problem is fixed.

HTML overview
Understanding the structure of HTML code
Head tags
Body tags
Text formatting tags

Emily Ricketts

Emily Ricketts is a technical writer in the Dreamweaver documentation team.

17 July 2001

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