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Migrating from Macromedia HomeSite to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

Macromedia HomeSite users will be happy to know that the latest version of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX has a new look—an integrated workspace similar to that of Homesite. Users will also recognize many HomeSite coding features now incorporated into Dreamweaver MX. These changes to Dreamweaver improve the hand-coder user experience, and should make HomeSite users feel right at home.

This tutorial introduces the Dreamweaver MX workspace and showcases coding features, with reference to the HomeSite workspace and features, then helps HomeSite users set up a Dreamweaver site.

Using the new Dreamweaver integrated workspace
Working in the Document window
Working in the Site panel
Setting coding preferences
Using the Dreamweaver coding features
Understanding Dreamweaver sites
Setting up a Dreamweaver site

Jennifer Rowe

Jennifer Rowe is a technical writer on the Dreamweaver documentation team.

28 May 2002

migrating, HomeSite, tutorial