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Adding sound and video to your Web site

Because there are different reasons for adding sound and video to a Web page or site, you need to consider different formats and methods before you incorporate multimedia. The following are some things to consider:

Who are your primary visitors or users?
Do your users have the browsers and bandwidth necessary for the multimedia you wish to add?
What is the primary purpose of your page or site?
Will sound and video add to or detract from what you are communicating?

For example, if the purpose of your site is to convey vital statistical information to a group of engineers, you may not want to distract your audience with too much sound and fury. However, you will probably want to include multimedia if you are creating a personal Web site and want to let your friends and family know what music you like and how you are doing.

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 lets you add multimedia to your Web site quickly and easily. Using Dreamweaver, you can incorporate and edit multimedia files and objects, such as Java applets; QuickTime, Flash, and Shockwave movies; and MP3 and other audio file formats. This article covers the following topics:

Inserting multimedia objects in Dreamweaver
Adding sound
Linking to an audio file
Embedding audio
Adding video
Inserting Shockwave movies
Setting Shockwave movie properties
Flash files
Inserting Flash movies
Setting Flash movie properties

Valerie Hanscom

Valerie Hanscom is a Technical Writer on the Macromedia Dream Products Team.

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14 May 2001