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Using Dreamweaver 3 to create a layer slideshow

You've probably seen sites where you can look through several images or pages of text without actually leaving the page. This effect is created by using layers and JavaScript. If you don't know any JavaScript, don't despair, because you can create a layer slideshow in Dreamweaver without looking at any code.

The trick behind creating a layer slideshow without coding is to put your layers in a timeline. You stop the timeline after each image changes and start it again to advance to the next image.

The document you create by performing the following steps lets users cycle through the images in only one direction (forward). The image sequence loops, however, so the Forward button returns users to start, just as in the hand-coded example.

Before you begin, choose Modify > Page Properties and set the background, text, and link colors and the TITLE of your document.

Create the layers for your slideshow
Add the layers to a timeline
Create a button to advance the timeline
Create the layer that appears as images load


25 January 1999

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