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Using layers to design a web page in Dreamweaver 4

Using layers to design web pages in Macromedia Dreamweaver gives you flexibility and control over the placement of objects on a page. Any object that can be added to a web page (text, graphic, table, and so on) can be added directly to a layer. You can then drag the layer and its content to position it in the desired location.

Layers work in version 4 and later browsers. If you are designing pages for viewers using earlier version browsers and want to use layers to lay out your page design, see Converting between tables and layers for Dreamweaver 3 (and why you should care).

For detailed information about using layers, see the Using Dreamweaver 4 manual or Dreamweaver 4 Help. Visit the Dreamweaver Documentation page for printable versions of Dreamweaver 4 documentation.

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Adding background colors to layers
Resizing and repositioning layers
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Kim Diezel

Kim Diezel is a senior instructional designer on the Dreamweaver documentation team.

27 January 2002

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