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Creating a common layout in Dreamweaver 4 Layout View

There are several common layouts used on the web today that you can easily re-create in the Dreamweaver 4 Layout view. In Layout view, you can design your page using tables as the underlying structure, but avoid the traditional pitfalls of using tables.

Creating different style sheets for different platforms in Dreamweaver 3 and 4

Have you ever noticed that the Web pages you create Using Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver 3 and 4 look different on different platforms? Learn how to solve this problem by creating separate external style sheets for each platform.

Creating style with HTML styles in Dreamweaver 3 and 4

Using HTML styles allows you to set a style which can include multiple font attributes. Then you can apply the style to text in almost any document without Using Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver 3 and 4.

Planning your Web site design

The first step to creating a successful Web experience for your user is planning the Web site itself. In this article you'll learn some key Web site planning concepts.

Turning off link underlining in Dreamweaver 3 and 4

If you want links on your Web page to appear without the default underline style, read this article. Find out how to turn off underlines on individual links or on entire Web pages.

Using margins in Dreamweaver 3 and 4

Have you ever designed an HTML page to extend to the edge of the browser window, only to have the default margin in the browser alter your design? Read this article to find out how you can set your design flush to the edge of the browser window.

Which to use: frames or tables?

Frames or tables can be used to implement most Web page layouts and the decision over which to use can be confusing. Read this article to find out when and why to use each.


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