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Converting between tables and layers for Dreamweaver 3 (and why you should care)

If you plan to support a wide range of browsers for your site, you probably use a lot of tables to lay out your pages. Tables are extremely useful to Web designers—they provide the capability to position text and images exactly where you want them on the page, and they're viewable in most browsers. (Some of the earliest graphical browsers, still in use by a few people, don't support tables, and some text-only browsers don't support them even in the latest versions.)

Layers provide even more ease-of-design and flexibility than tables, but most of their functionality is lost on older browsers (such as versions 3.x and earlier of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer).

With Dreamweaver, you can take advantage of the widespread browser support for tables while benefiting from the design flexibility of layers.

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Converting tables to layers
Repositioning layers
Converting layers to a table
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Jed Hartman

Jed Hartman is a lead technical writer on the Dreamweaver documentation team.

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24 January 2000