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Creating and Designing Pages: Using Tables to Present Content

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Converting between tables and layers for Dreamweaver 3 (and why you should care)

Learn the benefits of using tables and frames in your web page design, and how to convert between them.

Page layout with tables in Dreamweaver 3

Although tables give designers control over the positioning of images and text on the page, HTML tables were originally intended for displaying tabular data on a Web page, not for use in page layout; so table design that looks good in an editor can look misaligned in the browser window. Read this article for tips that will help you make sure your design looks as good in the browser as it does in Dreamweaver.

Tables and background images in Dreamweaver 3 and 4

In Dreamweaver, you can easily add punch to your page by including a background image in a table, in a row within a table, or in individual cells within a table. The most popular browsers, however, handle background images in tables differently. Read this article to find out how to use background images in tables that display well in most browsers.

Which to use: frames or tables?

Frames or tables can be used to implement most Web page layouts and the decision over which to use can be confusing. Read this article to find out when and why to use each.


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