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Hide record-display elements

First, you'll hide the table that contains the sentence, "Here is the information you requested," when a user conducts a search that returns no matching records.

1 With the results.cfm page open in the Dreamweaver Document window, place the insertion point inside the table that contains the sentence you want to hide.
2 Select the table by clicking the <table> tag in the tag selector at the bottom left of the Document window.
3 In the Server Behaviors panel (Window > Server Behaviors), click the plus (+) button and select Show Region > Show If Recordset Is Not Empty.

The Show If Recordset Is Not Empty Dialog box appears.
4 Select rs_wildlife from the Recordset pop-up menu and click OK.
A thin, tabbed gray outline appears around the show region.

5 Save the results.cfm file and post it to your testing server by clicking the File Management button and selecting Put.

6 Test the page in a browser by loading the index.cfm page and selecting a state from the pop-up menu. When you conduct a search that returns no matching records, the results page displays a page that is completely blank.
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