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Examine the Fireworks MX download files

Before you begin building your Macromedia Flash MX animation, make sure you download the two sample files that are provided with this tutorial: tiger.png and tiger.jpg. Save the tiger.png file in the png folder of your Dreamweaver site, and save the tiger.jpg file in the images folder of your Dreamweaver site. For more information on setting up these folders, see Wildlife Project 6: Defining your Dreamweaver MX site.

Next, examine the sample files. Open the tiger.png file in Fireworks by selecting File > Open, navigating to the tiger.png file, and clicking Open.

The tiger.png file opens in your Document window.

The canvas of the tiger.png file is 650 x175 pixels. These dimensions correspond to the dimensions you set for the Flash movie fade-in table on the The Wildlife Project index.cfm page. For more information, see Wildlife Project 8: Planning page design and layout.

The tiger.png file contains an imported image, text, and an image mask. To save time, we created this file for you, but if you are interested in learning exactly how the file was created, see Wildlife Project 9: Creating a banner graphic in Fireworks MX. The methods for importing an image, adding text, and adding an image mask are all outlined in that tutorial.

Additionally, we exported the tiger.png file as a JPG file, which is also included with this tutorial. In the sections that follow, you'll use the tiger.jpg file to build the Macromedia Flash animation for The Wildlife Project index.cfm page.

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