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Create keyframes

A keyframe is a frame, indicated on the Timeline, where you define changes in the animation. When you create frame-by-frame animation, every frame is a keyframe. In tweened animation, you define keyframes at significant points in the animation and let Macromedia Flash create the contents of frames in between. Macromedia Flash displays the interpolated frames of a tweened animation as light-blue or light-green with an arrow drawn between keyframes.

So far, your FLA file contains two layers: tiger and text. These layers will fade in separately in your finished movie, and you'll use keyframes to define precisely when each layer begins to fade in. By default, the first frame of both layers is a keyframe that contains the content you added.

Now you'll add keyframes to define significant points in the animation.

1 Click the tiger layer in the Timeline to select it.
2 Select frame 24.
3 Do one of the following:
Select Insert > Keyframe.
Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) and select Insert Keyframe.
Press F6 on your computer keyboard
A solid dot, denoting a keyframe, appears.
4 Select frame 36 of the tiger layer.
5 Repeat step 3 to insert a keyframe.
6 Click the text layer in the Timeline to select it.
7 Repeat step 3 to insert keyframes at frame 16 and frame 36 of the text layer.
Your Timeline now contains six keyframes.

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