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Create motion tweens

Now that you've set the starting and ending frames for your animation (from transparent to visible), you can create a motion tween and let Macromedia Flash create all of the frames in between. Motion tweens are not limited to tweening "motion." The motion tween you create will tween transparency.

1 Click the tiger layer in the Timeline to select it.
2 Click anywhere on the Timeline between the first two keyframes (frames 1 and 24).
3 Do one of the following:
Select Insert > Create Motion Tween.
Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) and select Create Motion Tween.
4 A light-blue or light-green background and a solid arrow appears between the two keyframes.
5 Repeat the above procedure for the remaining untweened portions of the Timeline to create motion tweens between the following frames:
24 and 36 of the tiger layer
1 and 16 of the text layer
16 and 36 of the text layer
When you're finished, you'll have four motion tweens on your Timeline that extend between the keyframes you inserted earlier.

6 Save the file (File > Save).
7 Test your animation by selecting Control > Test Movie.
Macromedia Flash exports the movie to SWF format and plays the movie using the Macromedia Flash Player.
You'll notice that once the movie has finished playing, it plays over again, or "loops," continuously. Macromedia Flash loops all movies by default. Don't worry about this now. You'll set the movie to play only once when you publish it in the next section.
8 Close the SWF movie before proceeding to the next section.
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