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Insert the Fireworks banner graphic

Now that you've completed the assets for the Wildlife Project index.cfm page, you can position the assets following the layout you created in Wildlife Project 8: Planning page design and layout.

There are a number of ways to insert assets in Dreamweaver. You'll start by using the Assets panel.

1 In Dreamweaver, select The Wildlife Project site in the Site panel (Site > Site Files), and open the index.cfm page. For more information, see Wildlife Project 8: Planning page design and layout.
2 Position the cursor in the first table, select "Wildlife Project banner graphic," and delete the text.
3 Click the Assets tab in the Files panel (next to the Site tab).
Your site assets appear.

4 If Images view isn't selected, click the Images button to view your image assets.
5 In the Assets panel, select banner.gif. Dreamweaver displays the asset in the Assets panel.
6 Do one of the following:
Drag the banner.gif file to the first table on the index.cfm page (where you deleted the text).
Click the Insert button at the bottom of the Assets panel.
The banner.gif graphic appears on the page. It is perfectly sized to fit into your layout table: 650 x 40 pixels. The Property inspector displays these dimensions in the Width and Height text boxes.

The Property inspector also displays an Edit button when a Fireworks image is selected. In the next section you'll use this button to edit the graphic you just inserted.
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