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Insert the Fireworks navigation bar

Next, you'll insert the Fireworks navigation bar—also known as a "nav bar"—by selecting the HTML file for the navigation bar. When you insert the HTML file in your document, Dreamweaver writes all of the HTML and JavaScript code necessary to make your navigation bar work.

1 With the index.cfm page open in the Document window, select the navigation bar placeholder text in the second table and delete it.
2 On the Common tab of the Insert bar, click the Fireworks HTML button.

The Insert Fireworks HTML dialog box appears.
3 Click the Browse button and browse to the navbar.htm file in the images folder of your Dreamweaver site.
4 Select the navbar.htm file and click Open.

5 Click OK in the Insert Fireworks HTML dialog box.
Dreamweaver inserts the Fireworks HTML into the layout table on your page.

Note: If extra space appears below the navigation bar when you insert it, position the insertion point below the navigation bar and manually delete the extra space.
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