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Edit the Flash movie

Once the movie has played in the Document window, you decide that you want to alter the movie. You'd like to change the subtitle from "Saving the world's endangered species" to "Preserving the world's endangered species." Using Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash integration features, you can edit your Macromedia Flash movie quickly and easily without leaving the Dreamweaver workspace.

1 With the index.cfm page open in the Document window, select the Macromedia Flash movie placeholder.
2 In the Property inspector (Window > Properties), click the Edit button.
Macromedia Flash MX launches in Editing from Dreamweaver mode.

Notice that Macromedia Flash opens the source file tiger.fla, not the exported SWF.
3 In the Library panel (Window > Libraries), double-click the "Text Symbol" symbol.
The "Text Symbol" symbol appears on the Stage in symbol-editing mode.

4 Click the Text tool and click on the word Saving. This will select the text block and place the insertion point where you want to make the change.
5 Change the word Saving to Preserving.
6 Click once outside the text block to apply your text entry.
7 Click the Scene link to return to the main Stage.

8 Click Done.

Macromedia Flash saves the change you made and exports a new SWF. You can test the new movie by selecting the Macromedia Flash movie placeholder in the Dreamweaver Document window, and clicking the Play button in the Property inspector.
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