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Finish the page

Once your page assets are assembled, you can finish the page by modifying page properties.

1 Select Modify > Page Properties.
The Page Properties dialog box appears.

2 From the Background color pop-up menu, select black (#000000).
3 Click OK.
The background of the index.cfm page changes to black.
4 Place the insertion point anywhere in the bottom table of the index.cfm page and click the <tr> tag in the tag selector at the bottom left corner of the Document window to select the entire table row.

5 In the Property inspector (Window >Properties), select tan (#996633) from the Background color pop-up menu.

Note: If you cannot see the Background color pop-up menu, click the expander arrow at the bottom right corner of the Property inspector.
6 Repeat the above procedure to change the background color of the table that holds the navigation bar to tan (#996633).
7 Download the line.jpg file that is provided with this tutorial, and save it in the images folder of your Dreamweaver site.
8 Drag the line.jpg icon from the Site panel to the thin center column of the bottom table.

9 Replace the special species placeholder text with text of your own. You can use the text that is on The Wildlife Project sample site as a model.
You've now completed all of the static elements for The Wildlife Project index page. In the next tutorials, you'll build a Macromedia ColdFusion search application that will make your site dynamic.

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