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Create a new Fireworks MX document

In Wildlife Project 8: Planning page design and layout, you used layout tables to lay out your index.cfm page in Dreamweaver. You also defined specific properties for each table on the page. The first table, at the top of the page, has a width of 650 pixels, and a height of 40 pixels. You will now use these values to create a new document in Fireworks MX.

1 In Fireworks, select File > New.
The New Document dialog box appears.

2 In the Width text field, enter 650, and select Pixels from the width pop-up menu. (It should be the default.)
3 In the Height text field, enter 40, and select Pixels from the height pop-up menu. (It should be the default.)
4 In the Resolution text field, enter 72, and select Pixels/Inch from the Resolution pop-up menu. (It should be the default.)
5 Select White as the canvas color. (It should be the default.)
6 Click OK.
A new Fireworks document appears in the workspace. The canvas is white, and is 650 pixels wide by 40 pixels high.
7 Save the file (File > Save) as banner.png.
In Wildlife Project 6: Defining your Dreamweaver MX site, you should have created a folder called png within the site. When you save the new banner.png file, save it inside this folder. It is good practice to keep all of your PNG files in a central location.
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