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Insert the tree image

Now you'll add a picture of a tree to the new Fireworks file. If you haven't downloaded the tree image provided with this tutorial, return to the contents page and do so before proceeding.

1 With your banner.png file open, select File > Import.
2 Navigate to the tree image you downloaded for this tutorial (tree_photo.jpg) and select it. Once you select the image, your cursor changes to the insertion pointer (a corner symbol).
3 Place the insertion pointer at the left edge of the canvas and click the mouse button.
The tree image appears in your document.

Only part of the tree image shows through the canvas. This is because the tree image is larger than the canvas size, and sits "below" the canvas. That's OK, because for this tutorial, we only want to use part of the image.
Additionally, the inserted image has a blue outline with resize handles (solid blue squares at each corner). If you drag the resize handles, you can adjust the width or height of the image. For this tutorial, however, you won't adjust the size of the image.
Don't click outside the image. You want to leave it selected for the next step.
4 With the image selected, use the Pointer tool to drag it into position as shown.

Be sure to not re-size the image. You can avoid accidentally re-sizing the image by dragging from the center of the image, rather than from the edges.
You can also move the image using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard allows you to move the image up, down, left, or right, one pixel at a time.
5 In the Layers panel (Window > Layers), double-click the highlighted bitmap object under Layer 1, rename the object tree, and press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh).
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