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Add a mask to the image

Now you'll add a mask to the tree image so that the right side of the image gradually fades into the white of the banner graphic. As the name suggests, a mask hides or shows parts of an object or image.

1 Make sure the tree image is selected. If it's not, select it by clicking on it once with the Pointer tool.
2 At the bottom of the Layers panel (Window > Layers), click the Add Mask button.

An empty, transparent mask is added to the selected image. You can see the mask has been added by looking at the mask thumbnail in the Layers panel. The yellow highlight around the mask thumbnail indicates that it is selected.
3 With the mask thumbnail selected in the Layers panel, hold down the mouse button on the Paint Bucket tool in the Bitmap section of the Tools panel. Select the Gradient tool from the pop-up menu that appears.

4 In the Property inspector (Window > Properties), click the Fill Color box.

The Edit Gradient pop-up window appears.
5 Select White, Black from the bottom of the Preset pop-up menu.
The color ramp and swatches change to reflect the new setting. The color swatches located just beneath the color ramp allow you to modify the colors in the gradient.
6 Drag the left (white) color swatch a little more than half of the way to the right to adjust the gradient as shown.

7 Click outside the Edit Gradient pop-up window to close it.
8 Hold down Shift and drag the Gradient pointer across the canvas as shown.

9 Release the mouse button.
The mask is modified with the gradient fill you created. The mask affects the tree image by giving it a gradiated transparent appearance.The mask thumbnail in the Layers panel displays the gradient fill you applied.

10 Select the Pointer tool in the Tools panel and click the mask thumbnail in the Layers panel.
The Property inspector shows that the mask was applied using its grayscale appearance. The darker pixels in the mask gradually cover the right side of the image, while the lighter pixels in the mask show the left side of the image, including the tree.
For more information about masks, see Fireworks Help (Help > Using Fireworks > Layers, Masking and Blending > Masking images).

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