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Add text to the banner graphic

Now you'll add text to the right side of the banner graphic.

1 In the Tools panel, click the Text tool and move the pointer over the document window.

The pointer changes to an I-beam, and the Property inspector displays text properties.
2 In the Property inspector, do the following:
Select a font from the Font pop-up menu. For this tutorial, we've selected Palatino Linotype.
Enter 13 as the font size.
Select black from the Fill Color pop-up menu.
Click the Bold button.
Click the Left Alignment button.
Select Strong Anti-alias from the Anti-alias level pop-up menu.

3 Click once near the right side of the canvas.
An empty text block is created.

The hollow circle in the upper right corner of the text block indicates that the text block is auto-sizing. An auto-sizing text block in Fireworks adjusts its width based on the longest line of text in the block.
4 Type THE WILDLIFE PROJECT in capital letters in the text block.

The width of the text block expands as you type.
5 Click once outside the text block to apply your text entry.
The text block remains selected, and the Text tool is still the selected tool. The hollow circle on the text block is no longer visible. This indicator is visible only when you are entering or editing text.
6 Click the Pointer tool and drag the text block into position as shown.

Remember that you can also move objects in Fireworks by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard allows you to move an object up, down, left, or right, one pixel at a time.
7 Click outside the text block to deselect it, then click the Text tool again.
8 In the Property inspector, click the Bold button to deselect it. Then make sure that all of the remaining text properties are the same as those you set in step 2.
9 Click on the canvas beneath the text block you just created, and type the words Established 1985.
Note: The text for this second text block is different from the text on the live sample site. Don't worry about this now. You'll alter the text in a later tutorial.
10 Select the Pointer tool to apply the text entry.
Switching to another tool in the Tools panel applies text entries and edits just like clicking outside a text block does. Pressing Escape will achieve the same result.
11 Drag the new text block into position as shown.

12 Click outside the text block to deselect it.
For more information about working with text in Fireworks, see Fireworks Help (Help > Using Fireworks > Using Text).

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