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Optimize the banner graphic

Before you export any document from Fireworks, you should always optimize it. Optimizing ensures that a graphic is exported with the best possible balance of compression and quality.

1 Do one of the following to open the Optimize panel if it isn't already open:
Select Window > Optimize.
If the panel is minimized on the right side of the screen, click the expander arrow to view the entire panel.
2 Select GIF Websnap 128 from the Settings pop-up menu.
The options in the panel change to reflect the new setting.

3 Click the Preview tab near the top of the document window.
The Preview tab displays your document as it will appear when exported with the current settings.

At the upper right corner of the Preview window, Fireworks displays what the file size will be for the exported file and the estimated time it will take to display the graphic when it is viewed on the web.
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