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Set up your ColdFusion MX application server

As the web developer for The Wildlife Project website, you've chosen ColdFusion MX Server Developer Edition as your application server. This server is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX systems, and comes packaged with your other Macromedia Studio MX tools.

Note: ColdFusion MX Developer Edition differs from the full version as follows: it's free for non-commercial use for developing and testing web applications on a local host and one remote IP address. It is not licensed for deployment. It includes every feature in the Enterprise edition except Macromedia ClusterCATS. After 30 days, it only supports requests from one IP address, but you can still use it for development and testing work as long as you want -- it doesn't expire.

ColdFusion MX Server does not install automatically when you install the Macromedia Studio MX tools. You must install the software separately.

1 Close all open applications.
2 If applicable, log into the Windows system using the Administrator account.
3 Insert your Macromedia Studio MX CD and click the ColdFusion MX Server installation bar.
4 Follow the installation instructions.
Note: You do not need to provide a serial number when installing ColdFusion MX Server Developer Edition.
Macintosh users can use a web hosting service with a ColdFusion plan or install ColdFusion on a remote Windows, Linux, Solaris, or HP-UX computer running a web server.

For more information, see Dreamweaver Help (Help > Using ColdFusion > Installing and Configuring ColdFusion MX > Installing Macromedia ColdFusion MX).

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