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View ColdFusion data sources in Dreamweaver

After creating a ColdFusion data source in ColdFusion Administrator, you can use it to connect to the database in Dreamweaver.

1 Make sure the index.cfm file you created in the previous section is still open in the Document window. If it isn't, double-click the file's icon in the Site panel to open it.
2 Open the Databases panel (Window > Databases).
3 Specify the RDS login information for ColdFusion Server by clicking the link on the prompt, typing in your RDS login password, and clicking OK.
Your ColdFusion data sources appear in the panel.

Note: You may need to click the Refresh button to see the new data source.
You should have set your RDS login password when you installed ColdFusion MX Application Server. The RDS password is often (but not necessarily) the same as your ColdFusion Administrator password. To change your RDS password, click the RDS Password link in the Security category of ColdFusion Administrator, and follow the instructions.
Now that you've established ColdFusion data sources in Dreamweaver, you are ready to start building dynamic pages. But before you create the search application for The Wildlife Project, you will lay out your pages in Dreamweaver and create site assets. The next tutorials in this series will take you through the steps of building the Macromedia Fireworks and Macromedia Flash assets for The Wildlife Project. Later in the series, you'll build the search application using the datasource you created in this tutorial.

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