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About web applications and dynamic web pages

A web application is a collection of static and dynamic web pages. A static web page is one that does not change when a user requests it: the web server sends the page to the requesting web browser without modifying it. In contrast, a dynamic web page is modified by the server before it is sent to the requesting browser. The changing nature of the page is the reason it's called dynamic.

For example, the sample website for the Wildlife Project allows users to search for a Wildlife Project branch in their area of the United States (U.S.). The index page (search page) contains a drop down menu with a list of fifty states. When the user chooses a state and clicks the search button, the server returns the names, addresses, and phone numbers of Wildlife Project contacts (if any) in the chosen state. Together, the search page and the results page form a simple web application that changes based on user input.

For more information about web applications and dynamic functionality, see Dreamweaver Help (Help > Using Dreamweaver > Getting Started > Understanding Web Applications).

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