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Determining data requirements

You will use a database to store the information that your website will deliver to your user. But before you build the database, you must determine the data requirements for your site. What type of data will you display and where? As users interact with the application interface, what types of questions will they be asking the application to answer, and what information will they want to retrieve from the database? As with site goals and target audiences, you should have a firm idea of what your data requirements will be before you begin developing your website.

The Wildlife Project has requested a web application that will enable users to search for a Wildlife Project branch by state. The application will process the request and return the names, addresses, and phone numbers of contacts who match the search criteria. You will need a database to store this information. The database will contain a single table with individual columns for the name, street address, city, state, zip code, and phone number of each contact person.

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