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Switch into and out of Layout view

Before you can draw layout tables or layout cells, you must switch from Standard view into Layout view.

1 In Dreamweaver, open the index.cfm page you created in the previous tutorial, Wildlife Project 7: Connecting to a database.
2 If Design view isn't visible, select View > Design or View > Code and Design.
Layout view cannot be enabled or disabled in Code view.
3 Select View > Table View > Layout View or click the Layout View button in the Insert bar's Layout category.

Note: In the Dreamweaver 4-style floating workspace, with a vertical Insert bar, the layout-related items appear at the bottom of the panel, rather than in a separate category.
A gray bar labeled Layout View appears across the top of Design view to indicate that you're in Layout view.
4 To switch back to Standard View, select View > Table View > Standard View or click the Standard View button in the Insert bar's Layout category.
You'll switch back and forth between Standard view and Layout view as you proceed through this tutorial.

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