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Draw Layout cells

Now you'll add layout cells to the bottom table of the layout. This is the section of the page that will eventually hold text about a special endangered species, as well as the assets of the search application.

1 With the index.cfm page still open, make sure that you are in Layout view.
2 Select the bottom table by clicking its tab, or by clicking once inside the table.
3 Click the Draw Layout Cell button in the Layout category of the Insert bar.

The pointer changes to a cross-hair pointer.
4 Position the cross-hair pointer inside the table, then Control-drag (Windows) or Command-drag (Macintosh) to create three layout cells inside the table as shown below.

Make sure you drag your three layout cells to fill the entire space of the table.
Note: If you do not Control-drag (Windows) or Command-drag (Macintosh), you will need to click the Draw Layout Cell button each time you want to create a new layout cell within the table.
The cells appear outlined in blue on your page. (Blue is the default outline color for layout cells.) Dreamweaver automatically snaps the edges of new cells into alignment with nearby edges of existing cells. (Layout cells cannot overlap.) Cell edges also automatically snap to the edges of the containing layout table if you draw a cell close to the edge of a table.
By default, the width of each cell is displayed in the column header area at the top of the cells. Don't worry about the exact width of the layout cells as you drag them. You'll set their properties in the next section.
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