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About page design planning

The design phase of a web development project usually begins with mock-up sample sketches that designers and developers later use to create web pages. Mock-ups typically depict the pages' design layout, technical components, themes and color, graphic images, and other media elements. Your mock-up should look like a blueprint that you and your other team members will follow when designing the site. Once you have a visual guideline of how you'd like your pages to look, you can begin planning page layouts in Dreamweaver.

Planning your page design and layout before you actually begin building your web pages will save you a great deal of time during the development process. It is important to maintain consistency in your page design and layout. Give your site pages a similar look, color scheme, navigation, and so forth. This will help avoid confusing your users and will help you deliver a better user experience.

After sketching the site navigation, researching other websites for design ideas, and thinking about how to create a characteristic look and feel for the Wildlife Project, you decide to use an image of a tiger as the central image on the index page. (If you haven't downloaded the image of the tiger provided with this tutorial, return to the contents page and do so now.) The tiger image will be a part of a Macromedia Flash movie that fades in as the user loads the Wildlife Project index page in their browser window. You also decide to use a color scheme that will not only complement the colors of the tiger, but will also work well with other wildlife images you may need to use later. The colors black, tan, and white will consistently define your site's appearance as your user travels from page to page.

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