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Present the plan in HTML

Once you've finished creating your mock-up, you can present the document to your client or members of your group in a browser window. This is particularly convenient if you want to share the document with people who do not have FreeHand.

1 With your document open in FreeHand, select File > Publish as HTML.
The HTML Output dialog box appears.

2 In the HTML Output dialog box, do one of the following to choose HTML settings:
Select a setting from the HTML Setting pop-up menu. (If you have not previously created any HTML settings, only the built-in Default setting is available.)
Click Setup to view the HTML Setup dialog box and select HTML settings.
Click Wizard (Windows) or Assistant (Macintosh) and follow the onscreen instructions to select HTML settings. When you have finished selecting settings, click Finish.
For this tutorial, we selected the built-in Default setting.
3 Specify which pages to publish, all or a range. For this tutorial, there is only one page to publish.
4 Select Show Output Warnings to display the HTML Output Warnings dialog box when you convert the document. You don't need to select this box for this tutorial.
5 Select View in Browser or HTML Editor to preview the converted HTML document on your system.
6 Select a browser or editor from the pop-up menu to view the document, or click Browse and locate an HTML viewing application on your system.
7 Click Save as HTML.
FreeHand generates an HTML file and saves it to the location specified in the HTML Setting Setup. The HTML application you specified in step 6 launches and displays the converted document.

If you selected Show Output Warnings in step 4, the HTML Output Warnings dialog box appears, indicating any HTML errors in your document.
For more information, see FreeHand Help (Help > Using FreeHand > Creating Web Graphics and Animation > Publishing FreeHand documents as HTML).

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