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About Fireworks MX buttons and navigation bars

Buttons are web objects that link to other web pages. Their appearance typically changes depending on the user's mouse movement or other action, such as clicking, as a visual cue indicating interactivity. For example, a button displays a different appearance when the pointer moves over it than when it has been clicked.

A navigation bar—also known as a nav bar—is a series of buttons that appears on one or more pages of a website. Typically, all the buttons within a nav bar look the same, except for their text.

At the top of the index page for The Wildlife Project, there is a nav bar comprised of six buttons: Home, News, Conferences, Education, Publications, and Links. Before proceeding, view the nav bar so that you have a clear idea of what you'll be creating in this tutorial.

Note: The six buttons (links) that comprise the nav bar are different from the links sketched out in previous tutorials. For the final version of the nav bar, we eliminated the Contact link, and replaced it with a Home link so that we could use the same nav bar on every page of the website.

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