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Create multiple button instances

Next you'll create more instances of the button symbol.

1 Select the button in the workspace if it isn't already selected.
When you've selected the button, you'll notice that the Property inspector displays button properties.

2 Select Edit > Clone.
A new instance of the button appears on top of the original button.
3 Hold down Shift while pressing the Right Arrow key repeatedly to move the new instance to the right.
This moves the instance in 10-pixel increments. If necessary, use the arrow keys alone to move the selection one pixel at a time. Position the instance to the immediate right of the original instance, but not overlapping, as shown in the illustration below.

4 Clone four more instances of the button, and position each to the right of the previous instance.

Tip: As a shortcut, you can press Alt (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) while dragging the selected instance with the Pointer to make a copy of it. After positioning the new instance to the immediate right of the previous instance, select Edit > Repeat Duplicate to automatically create and place another copy of the instance.
5 In the Tools panel, click the Hide slices and hotspots button, then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the buttons one pixel at a time until you have them uniformly separated. In our nav bar, there is only one pixel of space between each button.

6 Click the Show slices and hotspots button to turn slices back on.
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