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View the exported files in the Dreamweaver Site panel

Now you'll examine the list of files that Fireworks exported. The new files created during the export process appear in the images folder within your Dreamweaver site.

1 In Dreamweaver, select The Wildlife Project site in the Site panel.
2 Expand the images folder by clicking the plus sign (+) to the left of the folder.
A long list of nav bar files, as well as a navbar.htm file appear.

The navbar.htm file contains all of the HTML code that you will need to insert in your Dreamweaver page, including the JavaScript code responsible for the various states of the nav bar buttons. Fireworks also exported graphics files for your buttons. Each slice in Fireworks exports as its own separate graphic file. There are several GIF files, including one for each button state. The file called spacer.gif is the result of the spacing option you selected in the HTML Setup dialog box. This file will be used to aid in page layout.
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