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Project overview

The Macromedia Studio MX tutorials in this series teach you how to build a website, including a small, fully-functional Macromedia ColdFusion application, from start to finish. The series is based on a fictional group, The Wildlife Project, a non-profit organization devoted to preserving and educating the public about the world's endangered species. The Wildlife Project has contracted you to design their website, which will include attractive graphics, a Macromedia Flash movie, and a small search application that will enable users to find a wildlife group in their area of the country. Together, this set of tutorials shows you how you can use the Macromedia Studio MX tools to develop all of the assets for a single site.

Before you begin the tutorials, view The Wildlife Project sample site. By the end of this series of tutorials, you will have learned how to create all of the assets contained on the sample site. You can then adapt the assets to suit your own needs, or create new assets using the procedures you learned throughout the tutorials in the series.

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