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Establishing site goals

Determining your site goals is the first step you should take when you create a website. Ask yourself or your client questions about the site, and write down your goals so that you remember them as you go through the design process. A specific list of goals will help you focus and target your website to your particular needs. The complexity of your goals will affect the navigation, the media that you use, and even the look and feel of your site. A website that provides news about a specific subject should have a different look and navigation from that of a website that sells products. Similarly, a site that delivers rich content and applications to its users will look different from a site that displays dynamic data using more traditional, HTML-based methods.

The people who have contracted you to develop the site for The Wildlife Project seek an easy-to-use navigation scheme that will enable them to deliver information to their users about the conferences, educational programs, and publications that they sponsor. They would also like their site to focus on current information about the world's endangered species, and provide a search application that will let users search for a wildlife group in their area of the country. You'll keep these primary goals in mind as you develop the assets for the The Wildlife Project website.

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