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Planning for localization

While this series of tutorials does not focus on localization specifically, it is always a good idea to keep localization in mind during the earliest stages of website planning and development. If you intend to localize your website, some of the questions asked in the previous sections become even more important. What will the connection speeds and platforms be for your users in different countries? What kinds of monitors and Internet access devices will they be using? And what kinds of considerations should you make before launching into the design phase of the website? For example, The Wildlife Project has requested that you build them a search application that will enable users to search for a wildlife group by U.S. state. But if The Wildlife Project wanted to localize their site in the future, how would they be able to adapt the application to search by country? Asking yourself these questions early on in the planning process can save a great deal of time and resources in the future.

For more information about localization best practices, see the Managing a Site page on the Macromedia Dreamweaver Support Center.

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