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Migrating from Macromedia ColdFusion Studio to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

If you're a Macromedia ColdFusion Studio user, learn how you can start working with Dreamweaver MX without learning a radically new coding environment or abandoning your favorite coding features.

Migrating from HomeSite to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

This tutorial introduces the Dreamweaver MX workspace and showcases coding features, with reference to the HomeSite workspace and features, then helps HomeSite users set up a Dreamweaver site.

Migrating GoLive sites to Dreamweaver 4

You can easily transfer Web pages and sites created in Adobe GoLive to Dreamweaver. This article will help you make the change.

Dreamweaver 3 for GoLive users

If you're used to using GoLive, you'll find a number of features in Dreamweaver that offer advantages over GoLive and make your workflow faster and smoother. In this article you'll learn about several key features in Dreamweaver that give you maximum control over the Web development process.


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