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Dreamweaver 4 and 4.01 release notes
This document addresses issues fixed in the 4.01 updater and issues that are not discussed in the Dreamweaver documentation and may be updated as more information becomes available.

Dreamweaver 4.01 updater

Dreamweaver 4

Dreamweaver 4.01 updater release notes
The Dreamweaver 4.01 updaterfixes several problems found with Dreamweaver 4 after its release.

To use the updater, you must first purchase and install a full version of Dreamweaver 4. The 4.01 updater is available for download on the Dreamweaver 4.01 Updater Download page.

Macintosh specific fixes
Windows specific fixes
Fixes on both Macintosh and Windows

The following is a list of problems fixed by the updater:

Macintosh-only issues
Macintosh OS 9.1
Certain specific GIF files will no longer appear as distorted in Dreamweaver.

Some users were unable to select text in Dreamweaver while other specific programs were running in the background

Other minor performance issues on Mac OS 9.1 have been fixed.
For more detailed information on the fixes for OS 9.1, refer to the TechNote: Macintosh OS 9.1 issues in Dreamweaver
Macintosh Double-byte Language Support
Can now view double-byte characters in Dreamweaver on Macintosh OS 9 with double-byte language support installed.
Windows-only issues
Windows ME
Dreamweaver, and other programs that make browser calls, sometimes crash when Previewing in Browser on Windows ME. This updater should resolve this problem in many cases.
Issues for both Windows and Macintosh

FTP will now honor the ASCII or BINARY transfer mode indicated in the FTPExtensionMap.txt file. This means that .cgi and .htm files will, by default, use ASCII transfer mode.

EUC encoded templates
Change encoding of EUC-encoded templates and update files will no longer cause corruption.
Context Sensitivity now works if you have more than one Reference book installed.
Netscape 6
Additional Dreamweaver support for Netscape 6. This includes Check Target Browser, and JavaScript Behavior updates. Specifically, behaviors now work correctly across frames in Netscape 6, Drag Layer works, as well as Set Text of Layers.

This fix can be downloaded independently, or as a part of this updater. To download independently, go to

JavaScript API
Added a function dw.getNaturalSize( ) to get natural image size. The function dw.getNaturalSize( ) takes a file URL as an argument and returns an array or 2 integers (or null if the argument is not a valid local image URL).
SourceSafe Integration
Fixes a number of issues with the current Dreamweaver integration with Visual SourceSafe (VSS). The Windows version of the updater fixes several problems with checkout, checkin, and Design Notes. The Macintosh version fixes these same problems as well as problems with the Shared Site Column feature and login dialog labels.

This fix can be downloaded independently, or as a part of this updater. To download independently, go to

WebDAV Integration
Fixes a number of issues with the current Dreamweaver integration with WebDAV including problems with host headers, header case-sensitivity, design note encoding, use of illegal characters in connection data, port numbers, and unknown file sizes in the Site window. For more in depth explanation of these fixes, please see the TechNote: Troubleshooting WebDAV Connections.

This fix can be downloaded independently, or as a part of this updater. To download independently, go to


Dreamweaver 4 release notes
System requirements
Issues for both Windows and Macintosh
Windows-only issues
Macintosh-only issues
How to report bugs


System requirements  
Windows   Macintosh
Intel Pentium Processor or equivalent 166 + MHz   Power Macintosh
Windows 95/98/2000, ME or NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5)   OS 8.6 or OS 9.x
32 MB of available RAM   32 MB of available RAM
110 MB of available disk space   135 MB of available disk space
256-color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution   Color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution


Issues for both Windows and Macintosh

The GIF-LZW capability described in the Extensibility Manual is not included in Dreamweaver.

The Using Dreamweaver documentation (printed and PDF files) incorrectly uses the name Package Manager to refer to the Extension Manager. The help system uses the correct name: Extension Manager.
The Extending Dreamweaver help system is missing the Data Translators chapter. The chapter will be available for download soon on the Dreamweaver Support Center. The Extending Dreamweaver and UltraDev book available on the Macromedia Online Store will include this chapter.
Behaviors can now be used in pages from Templates. These behaviors will be preserved even if you later update the page to incorporate changes in the original template.
Fireworks 4 single image attributes: The link and alt attributes assigned to a single image in Dreamweaver do not show up in Fireworks, but are retained.
For detailed information on creating new button templates using Flash and the Generator text object, see the article on the Dreamweaver Support Center. Also visit the Macromedia Exchange to find additional downloadable Flash Buttons.
Flash Objects in Dreamweaver do not automatically detect whether a user has Flash installed in their browser. If you'd like to do this kind of detection, please use the behaviors in the JavaScript Integration Kit for Macromedia Flash 5, which is available on the Macromedia Exchange.
Netscape 6: Dreamweaver 4 does not fully support Netscape 6. For more information see the Netscape 6 TechNote on the Dreamweaver Support Center.
New keyboard shortcut changes: Some keyboard shortcuts have been changed in Dreamweaver 4 to be consistent with other Macromedia products. Dreamweaver 4 also ships with a set of Dreamweaver 3 keyboard shortcuts if you prefer to work with the same set as Dreamweaver 3.
The Synchronize feature may not work reliably with WebDAV integration if the system time on the server is significantly different than the system time on your computer.

To use the JavaScript Debugger you must have Java and JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The JavaScript Debugger in Dreamweaver will work with the following browsers:
Windows: Internet Explorer 4.0+, Netscape 4.5+, excluding Netscape 6
Macintosh: Netscape 4.5+, excluding Netscape 6


Windows-only issues
You will not be able to install Dreamweaver on an NT or Windows 2000 server unless you have admin privileges. Although there is an error message that states this clearly, this is a change from previous versions.
Debugger Security warning on Windows ME often pops up behind the debugging browser window and sometimes behind Dreamweaver windows as well. To see the security warning, you can either minimize all windows or click the security dialog in the taskbar to bring it to the front.
Using the JavaScript Debugger with Internet Explorer: Dreamweaver may appear to freeze if you try to make a new folder or rename a folder or file in Windows while the JavaScript Debugger is open in Internet Explorer. Closing the browser window should fix this.


Macintosh-only issues
BBEdit 6.01 fixes two bugs in the Dreamweaver-BBEdit integration. BBEdit 6.01 demo version and the BBEdit 6.01 updater will be on the Dreamweaver 4 Macintosh CD. Customers who have already purchased BBEdit 6.0 should be aware of the free updater that fixes the Dreamweaver integration. See the BBEdit 6.01 release notes for more details or the BBEdit Updates page to download the updater.

SourceSafe Integration on the Macintosh requires some additional set up steps before you can get started. Read Working with SourceSafe on the Macintosh on the Dreamweaver Support Center for detailed instructions on how to set up Dreamweaver SourceSafe integration.

Create Web Photo Album on the Macintosh will not work if there are no open Dreamweaver documents.
The Search button in Using Dreamweaver or Extending Dreamweaver Help systems may not work in Internet Explorer 4.5 on the Macintosh. Upgrading to Apple Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.2.3 will fix this problem.
The Search button in Using Dreamweaver or Extending Dreamweaver Help systems may not work in Netscape 6 on some Macintosh systems. To workaround this problem, set another browser as your primary browser in Dreamweaver.

JavaScript Debugger will not work when TCP/IP is set to PPP and you are not logged in.


How to report bugs
Find a bug? Please use the Bug Report Form to send bugs to the Dreamweaver team.