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Using Dreamweaver 4 with Visual Source Safe on a Macintosh

Dreamweaver 4 lets you integrate with an existing MetroWerks (MW) Visual SourceSafe (VSS) database using the Dreamweaver Site window and Define Sites dialog box. However, in order to use this integration feature, you must have ToolServer installed on your system, and you must verify that the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW) mwcm tool is installed in the ToolServer/Tools folder. (ToolServer is a small application that makes it possible to run MPW commands in a stand-alone mode.)

Note: MetroWerks has discontinued release of their Visual SourceSafe tool for the Macintosh, MPW/ToolServer. Currently, there is no known product that can accommodate Visual SourceSafe for the Macintosh. The legacy information below is, however, being preserved for users who still have these tools available.

Installing ToolServer
Checking for the MPW ToolServer tool

Valerie Hanscom

Valerie Hanscom is a Technical Writer on the Macromedia Dream Products Team.

27 November 2000

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