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Local and remote Web sites

Usually professional Web designers don't create or modify the files on the actual server, but keep everything on their computer to work on. When the site is ready to publish, they copy all of the files at once to the server. When they need to make changes to a file, they copy the file from the server to their local computer, make the changes, and copy the new file back to the server.

The copy of the site on the local computer is referred to as a local site and the copy on the server is referred to as a remote site. The local site is a set of files and folders on your local computer that correspond to the Web site that is on a server for people to view.

This approach has several advantages over modifying the server files directly. In particular, you can test your changes in the local site before transferrring them to the server, and you can change the entire remote site once rather than changing one page at a time.

Dreamweaver is designed to be used with this sort of local/remote site setup. It is possible to use Dreamweaver to modify files directly on the server, but it's not recommended.

Dreamweaver helps you organize your site by requiring that everything resides in one folder. That way, the local site structure is an exact copy of the remote site, so there's never any confusion about whether the remote site is set up the same way as the local one.

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