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Customizing templates with Dreamweaver and Fireworks

Use the sample Dreamweaver templates to easily format single or multiple pages in a site. The sample template folders contain Dreamweaver templates and sample pages created from these templates. The templates provide the page layout and design structure you need to create your own customized Web site. By adding your own content, such as text, images, or other objects, to the sample pages you can quickly create unique pages based on a uniform page design

You must have Dreamweaver 3 or higher and Fireworks 3 or higher installed on your system to use the sample templates.

About the sample templates
About editable and locked regions
Installing a sample template in a site
Editing a template and updating pages
Modifying an image
Modifying a library item
Modifying sample pages in the sample template site
Applying a sample template to a new page
Applying a sample template to an existing page
Detaching a page from its template
Placing files on a remote server

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9 December 1999