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Using links in templates

Templates are a useful tool for designers when developing a Web site consisting of a series of Web pages. You can set up a template with areas that won't change from page to page, like a menu or an image, and define editable areas that will be different on every page. Then, you create the Web pages in your site from this template so you don't need to add that menu or image into every single page. The template does it for you. Critical to using templates well is understanding how to use links in templates. This procedure show you how to correctly use links in templates.

Using document-relative links
When using a template for your site, be careful to use only document-relative links. The template goes into a folder called Templates in your site structure. Each page that uses the template references it in the Templates folder. As a result, root-relative links will not work. Always use document-relative links throughout your site.

To add a document-relative link:

1 Select text or an image in the Document window.
2 Open the Property Inspector window and click the folder icon next to the Link field.
3 Browse and select the file you want to link to.
4 In the Relative To: pop-up menu, choose Document.
5 Click Open.
Your link is now document-relative.

Emily Ricketts

Emily Ricketts is a technical writer in the Dreamweaver documentation team.

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22 August 2000