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Creating thumbnails Fireworks 2

If you do web design long enough, eventually you will need to make thumbnails. Lots of them. And usually you want to find the least painful way to go about this.

Well, scour your shareware archives no longer! Fireworks 2 gives you all the controls you need to create thumbnails from a single image or from a folder of images. What's more, Fireworks goes the extra mile, allowing you to save your batch settings as a script so you can repeat the process over and over and over and...well, you get the idea.

For those of you who think we're talking about some strange genetic process, don't worry! The term thumbnail in graphic design refers to a smaller version of an image, frequently used when cataloguing lots of images. For web design, thumbnails are a great way to reduce the overall file size of web pages.

Instead of placing a 200k JPEG of your cat on the page, place a 10k thumbnail. Then, in your HTML, make the 10k thumbnail a link to the 200k JPEG. Voila! Visitors to your site won't be paralyzed by an initial large download, but those who want to see every cute hair on Fluffy's head still have access to the much larger image.

Creating a single thumbnail
Creating multiple thumbnails quickly
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