Macromedia Fireworks MX tutorials (PDF)
Download a printable version of the Graphic Design Basics and Web Design Basics tutorials included in Macromedia Fireworks MX, along with the source files needed to complete them.

Macromedia Fireworks Import Xtra for Director

If you are working with Fireworks 3 or 4 and Director 7 or 8, download the free Fireworks Xtra for importing Fireworks directly to the Stage and Score in Director Shockwave Studio.

Note: This Xtra is included in the shipping version of Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio.

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See also

Fireworks WBMP Import/Export Xtra

The Fireworks WBMP Import/Export Xtra feature is now available for download. This Xtra enables Fireworks to import and export images in the WBMP (wireless bitmap) format supported by many types of cellular telephones and personal digital assistant (PDA) devices.

Slice Along Guides fix

Exporting images using the slicing setting of Slice Along Guides requires the use of this updated template.

Installation: Run the Windows or Macintosh download file to extract the Slice Along Guides fix folder. Place the folder inside the Fireworks 3\Settings\HTML Code folder.

Instructions: In the Fireworks Export dialog box, choose Slice Along Guides from the Slicing pop-up menu, and then choose Slice Along Guides fix from the HTML Style pop-up menu.

Download Fireworks 2 templates for Adobe GoLive

Description: The GoLive template exports HTML in the Adobe GoLive format.

  • Fireworks rollovers display as Buttons in the GoLive interface, and can be previewed in GoLive.
  • Hot Spot behaviors display as GoLive Actions on image maps and can be viewed and edited in the GoLive inspector.
  • Disjoint Rollovers display as GoLive Actions and can be edited in the GoLive inspector.
  • Status messages display as Button text on buttons, or as Actions

Download Fireworks 2 lowercase HTML templates

Description: Some FTP software changes uppercase file name characters to lowercase characters. If the uppercase frame specifiers that Fireworks 2 uses are changed without making identical changes in the HTML, rollovers and links can break. These lowercase templates ensure that the frame specifiers will be lowercase: _f2 rather than _F2, for example.

Download Fireworks 2 1-style button templates

Description: Fireworks 2 includes the ability to make sophisticated rollovers that were not possible with Fireworks 1. The new features required changes to the way Fireworks exports HTML when doing swap image behaviors, toggle group rollovers and demo HTML. The Fireworks 1-style button templates are provided for users who require the older HTML functionality.

Note: The Fireworks 1-style button templates require Fireworks 2.0.2 for proper operation.