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Roundtrip HTML: Using Fireworks 4 and Dreamweaver 4 together

Using Macromedia Fireworks 4 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 together, you can greatly simplify the Web design workflow. Roundtrip HTML, a powerful feature integrating Fireworks and Dreamweaver together, allows you to make changes in one application and have those changes seamlessly reflected in the other. By eliminating the complexity normally associated with using two different applications to design and modify Web pages, Roundtrip HTML results in significant time savings.

Many edits you make in each application will be preserved by the other application, including changes to URLs, image maps, text in text slices, and behaviors. Some types of edits are not preserved, however. Such exceptions will be covered in this tutorial.

As a general rule, if you need to make radical changes to your document layout, you should make those changes in Fireworks and then export them to Dreamweaver.

Note: This tutorial addresses the use of Roundtrip HTML with Fireworks 4 and Dreamweaver 4 only. It does not address procedures or limitations associated with previous or later versions.

In this tutorial, you'll explore the benefits of Roundtrip HTML by following a typical Web design workflow using the fictitious Compass Web site.

Before you begin, download the source file for the Compass Web site:

Download the Windows source file (392K)
Download the Macintosh source file compass.sea.hqx (540K)

When the file decompresses, a folder called Compass will be created on your system.

In this tutorial, you'll perform the following tasks:

Prepare for Roundtrip HTML
Export Fireworks HTML to Dreamweaver
Insert Fireworks HTML into a Dreamweaver document
Edit Fireworks HTML in Dreamweaver
Launch Fireworks from Dreamweaver to edit a PNG file
Create an easy-maintenance Web page design

Tonya Estes

Tonya Estes writes documentation and tutorials for Fireworks and FreeHand.

18 October 2001

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