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Fireworks 4 and 4.0.2 release notes

This document addresses issues fixed in the 4.02 updater and issues that are not discussed in the Fireworks 4 documentation.

Fireworks 4.0.2 updater
Fireworks 4

Fireworks 4.0.2 updater release notes
The Fireworks 4.0.2 updater fixes several problems found with Fireworks 4 after its release.

To use the updater, you must first purchase and install a full version of Fireworks 4. The download contains the Fireworks 4.0.2 updater and ReadMe file.

Key fixes
Known issues on both platforms
Known issues- Macintosh
Replaced files
System requirements


Key fixes
The following is a list of problems fixed by the updater:
Batch Processing: Scale to Size
When batch processing, Scale to Size will work as expected when "Variable" is selected for Width or Height.
Batch Processing: Scale Percentage or Pixel Size (Windows only)
Fireworks will no longer display an "internal error" message when you batch process files with Scale Percentage or Pixel Size settings.
Director Launch and Edit
When launching and editing in Fireworks from Director, Fireworks will no longer prompt you to locate a source file.
Pop-up Menu URL length (Windows only)
The Link field of the Pop-up Menu dialog box will now scroll as you enter text, allowing you to enter longer URLs. Also, pop-up menus that contain multiple items will no longer produce errors.
Pop-up Menu hotspot
Pop-up menus now work as expected when viewed in Internet Explorer 4.0 - 4.5 on Windows.
FreeHand Import
The "Convert Layers to Frames" option will work as expected w
hen importing FreeHand files.
Alien Skin Eye Candy Help menu problem (Macintosh only)
Using an Alien Skin Eye Candy plug-in no longer causes items in the Help menu to disappear.
Multiple 3rd party effects
Multiple 3rd party effects applied to an object will now render correctly.
Netscape Navigator 6 HTML support
Fireworks HTML templates have been updated to be compatible with Netscape Navigator 6.
Netscape Navigator 6 preview (Windows only)
Netscape Navigator 6 can be set as the browser when using File > Preview in Browser from Fireworks 4.


Known issues 
If you already have Fireworks 3 and Director 8 installed, launch and edit may stop working when you install Fireworks 4.
To fix the problem do the following:
1 Open Director 8.
2 Choose File > Preferences > Editors.
3 Choose an image format that you want Fireworks to edit (typically PNG, JPEG, and GIF).
4 Click the Edit button and browse to your Fireworks 4 application on your hard drive.

Director may already indicate that Fireworks is set as your external editor, but launch and edit will not function until you re-specify Fireworks as the external editor.


Known issues - Macintosh specific
If you use Optimize in Fireworks on a GIF or PNG that has been imported into Director, the Fireworks Optimization dialog box will initially display PNG as the format. You will need to select JPEG from the Format pop-up menu in the Fireworks Optimization dialog box.
Replaced files
The following files are replaced when the Fireworks 4.0.2 updater is run:
Fireworks.exe (Windows) or Fireworks 4 (Macintosh)
Configuration \ Batch Code \ BatchTemplate.jst
Configuration \ HTML Code \ Generic \ slices.htt
Configuration \ HTML Code \ Dreamweaver \ slices.htt
Configuration \ HTML Code \ fw_menu.js


Fireworks 4 release notes
This document addresses issues that are not discussed in the Fireworks documentation and may be updated as more information becomes available.
System requirements
Known issues on both platforms
Known issues - Macintosh specific
Known issues - Windows specific
How to report bugs


System requirements  
Windows Macintosh
Intel Pentium Processor (Pentium II recommended) Power Macintosh Processor (G3 or higher recommended)
Windows 95, 98, NT (with service Pack 3), ME, or 2000 Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x
64 MB of available RAM 64 MB of available RAM
800 x 600, 256-color display (1024 x 768, millions of colors recommended) 800 x 600, 256-color display (1024 x 768, millions of colors recommended)
100 MB of available hard disk 100 MB of available hard disk
Adobe Type Manager Version 4 or later with Type 1 fonts

Known issues on both platforms
When batch processing, using Scale To Size with the width or height fields set to Variable will fail to process the files.

To fix this problem do the following:

1 Locate the updated BatchTemplate.jst file on the Dreamweaver-Fireworks Studio CD in Fireworks 4 > Goodies > Batch Code Backup.
  Download the updated BatchTemplate.jst file from the Fireworks Support Center.
2 Replace the old file with the new BatchTemplate.jst file located in Fireworks > 4 > Configuration > Batch Code.

Note: This problem affects only the English version of Fireworks. Other languages install the updated file.

Dreamweaver does not natively support the JavaScript used for Fireworks pop-up menus, so they will not work reliably if you use Copy HTML or export and copy the HTML to the Clipboard.

To export pop-up menus to Dreamweaver or Dreamweaver UltraDev do the following:

1 Use Update HTML from within Fireworks or choose Insert > Interactive Images > Fireworks HTML from within Dreamweaver.
Photoshop 6 filter plug-ins do not work in Fireworks 4, because of undocumented changes in Photoshop's plug-in API.
Text that is imported from Photoshop 6 is converted to bitmaps in Fireworks, just like Photoshop 5.5 converts text from Photoshop 6 files to bitmaps.
Fireworks' color conversion algorithm is different than Photoshop's. Therefore, slight color variations may occur when opening EPS files, or when exporting from Fireworks as a PSD file and then opening it in Photoshop.
If the name of your hard drive contains a character that is not allowed in an HTML file path, such as a slash (/), Preview in Browser will not work.
The Search engine in the Using Fireworks Help will not work if Java is disabled in your browser.
If you only want to export slice objects and buttons when exporting to Director, choose File > HTML Setup and then uncheck "Include Areas Without Slices" on the Document Specific tab.
When exporting to Director, export images to the same folder as your HTML file, or in a subfolder of the folder containing your HTML file.
Fireworks cannot open Adobe Illustrator 9 files.

To get vector information to Fireworks do the following:

1 Export from Illustrator 9 as an Illustrator 8 file and then open it in Fireworks.
2 Export an AI EPS file from Illustrator 9 and Fireworks will rasterize the file when it is imported.
Exporting files or folders that contain high ASCII characters may cause the images not to be displayed when viewed in a browser. Netscape does not support filenames or folder names that contain high ASCII characters. When naming documents, slices or frames, avoid using characters that are invalid for HTML file names.


Known issues - Macintosh specific
When importing EPS files, fonts may be rendered as Courier unless the fonts were included in the EPS file when it was created.
If you are using an older version of the Macintosh Runtime for Java, Internet Explorer may display a JavaScript error when you close the browser window while viewing the Fireworks Help. If this happens, be sure you are using the latest version of the Apple Macintosh Runtime for Java, available from
Kensington Mouseworks software causes some keyboard commands to function improperly. If you are experiencing problems with shortcuts, try disabling the Mouseworks extension.
If virtual memory is disabled, Fireworks will not launch from some third-party ATA internal hard drives.
If you have problems launching Fireworks from a third-party drive, try enabling virtual memory. If problems persist, move Fireworks to a different hard drive or contact the manufacturer of the hard drive for updated device drivers.

Known issues - Windows specific
If you have Dreamweaver 3 and Fireworks 3 installed on your computer, and you uninstall Fireworks 4, launch and edit will no longer function properly between Dreamweaver 3 and Fireworks 3.
To restore launch and edit, you must reinstall Fireworks 3.
On Windows 2000 or NT4 computers, you must be logged in as the administrator to install Fireworks. You do not need to be logged in as an administrator in order to run Fireworks once it has been installed.
It is possible to move panels completely off of your screen. If this happens, choose Commands > Panel Layout Sets and select the set that matches your monitor's resolution. This will restore the default placement and appearance of your panels.

How to report bugs
Find a bug? Please use the Bug Report form to send bugs to the Fireworks team.